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HB 1119 Needs Your Help (protects foster children)

By Debbie Pelley (Click on "Comments" below).


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HB 1119 is a bill by Rep. Bob Adams that prevents couples who cohabit (live together out of wedlock) from adopting children or serving as foster parents. This bill has passed the by a large majority house (78 Yes and only 13 No's) , but it fell one vote short of passage in the Senate Judiciary Committe on March 2. This bill is still alive and it can and may be voted on in the committee again. Please call your Senator and ask him to vote for HB 1119, the adoption and foster care bill. There is a method it can be brought to the floor even without the committee if enough Senators sign on to it.

The original intent of this bill was to override a judge's decision to force the state to allow homosexual adoption and foster care. Because of objections, and in order to get a bill that would pass, the bill was watered down but also broadened. The words homosexual is no longer in the bill, but the bill would prevent homosexuals or heterosexuals cohabitating without the benefit of marriage from adopting children or becoming foster parents.

It is a sad state in Arkansas when the state sanctions putting children in the homes of unmarried, cohabitating adults. Adults are to be the role model so what a destructive message this sends to the children, not only from the Biblical moral aspect but also because of all the other negative consequences that result from cohabitating without marriage, not to speak of the much greater likelihood that children will be molested in homes where these sexual moral values are missing. I am concerned about many bills, but sanctioning the adoption of children by cohabitating unmarried adults by the state is probably the saddest of all.

Following are the committee members on the Senate and the way they voted on this issue. Voting against the bill were Sen. Jim Luker (D-Wynne), Sen. Irma Hunter-Brown (D-Little Rock), Sen. Sue Madison (D-Fayetteville), and Sen. Mary Anne Salmon (D-Little Rock). Rep. Elliot spoke against it in the house.

Supporting the bill were Sen. Jerry Taylor (D-Pine Bluff), Sen. Kim Hendren (R-Gravette) and Sen. Ed Wilkinson (D-Fort Smith)

Here are the e-mail addresses for those voting against the bill: You may want to express your disappointment to them and give any persuasive information you could think of. Just copy them into your address box, and you can send to all at one time, or you can use the longer list below of all senators and send one e-mail to all of them at one time.
Here are the members who voted for the bill. You may want to encourage them.

Following is a list of all senators that you can copy into your e-mail address line and send your message to all at one time.

The following are the House members that voted against this bill. You might want to keep this list to know who the most liberal members of the House probably are.


D. Johnson
J. Johnson

L. Smith

Debbie Pelley
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