Thursday, March 10, 2005

Is It Ever Too Late?

Gambling Bill could cost us; by Eli Harvey


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

by Eli Harvey

If I had never previously considered it, I did that night. My baggage got lost in Denver’s airport.

I was connecting with an overseas’ flight. The search had gone on for what seemed like hours. Nothing turned up. Time was running out. My flight was scheduled for departure, but how could I leave without my luggage? Maybe in the States, but not overseas!

The alternative was complicated, but I’ll cut to the chase. I raced to the front of the line and demanded to be allowed on another flight.

“See that plane?” the ticket agent asked as he pointed toward a large window. “That’s your plane. It’s airborne. You’re too late!”

With my alternative shrunk to near zero, I contemplated my next move. Yet, looking ahead is difficult when the gloom of the immediate past still hangs overhead.

I lived in New Jersey in the era of that state’s contemplation of Atlantic City as the “Las Vegas
of the East.” I wish I had saved the news clippings. The state was living in a fantasy world. All it could see was how beneficial gambling was going to be for revenue.

For months, I watched and read and waited. Indeed, it came to pass. But shortly thereafter a shrill cry ascended as law-enforcement encountered multiple difficulties –difficulties directly related to the gaming industry. But, it was too late! They believed the industry’s lie and found themselves locked in with no way out.

Schools had been promised enormous sums for education. The economy had been promised a boost. Utopia was just around the corner. But, the screams of citizens –many of whom had believed the big lie– now pierced the ears of powerless authorities. It was too late!

We in Arkansas face again the insidious infiltration of the gaming industry. Mark my word, if we allow it, whatever few cents-on-the-dollar the state might realize as revenue will be overwhelmed by the cost of increased crime and delinquency.

Is it too late? It will be, unless we contact our legislators in the House immediately! SB999 could bring a plague of immorality on us. The loss of luggage is nothing when compared with the loss of youth and personal morality and honest industry. Do the math. Gambling costs! And it costs a lot!

11:29 AM, March 10, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SB999? Are you sure that number isn't upside down? ;)

Seriously, we don't need the gambling lobby and their money running our state. We've got enough corruption as it is.

2:09 PM, March 10, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for some sad stories about what gambling can bring people to...

8:43 AM, March 13, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!

9:18 PM, August 12, 2006  

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