Sunday, March 20, 2005

Morning News Attacks Sen. Jim Holt

By Debbie Pelley. (Click "comments" to read and respond to this outrageous assault on Holt's character)


Blogger Debbie Pelley said...

Below is the hit piece run by the Morning News, NOT by article. It is an unsigned editorial.

From Morning News newspaper in Springdale, March 18, 05

State Sen. Jim Holt of Springdale said Saturday he'll seek the office of lieutenant governor in 2006 instead of running for re-election. That's good news for Springdale residents. Perhaps their next state senator will look out for Springdale's interests -- unlike Holt, who has used the office to pursue his own political ambitions.

One of the least effective lawmakers in Little Rock, Holt has a history of putting his personal agenda ahead of the interests of the largest city in his district. He irritated the Springdale city government by speaking out against the location of a Sam's Club store within the city because the company wanted to sell alcohol there. Mind you, it would not have been a new outlet for liquor, but a transfer of an existing license. Due to such opposition, the state Alcohol Beverage Control Board denied the store's liquor sales request, prompting the retailer to consider moving the new store. That could cost Springdale millions in sales tax revenue.

Holt later withdrew his opposition, but it may have been too late.

Last year during a special legislative session on school reform, local education leaders complained that when voting Holt put the interests of small school districts ahead of the needs of larger ones, like Springdale -- the biggest school in Holt's district.

His legislative efforts in the current session center on bills that would prevent illegal aliens from receiving government benefits. That prompted a public spat with Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee who chided Holt for proposing legislation that could, in theory, deny prenatal care to undocumented residents who are pregnant. Huckabee referred to the bill as "anti-life" and "un-Christian." Holt's feeble reply was that the Christian thing to do is obey the law.

Many of his legislative colleagues consider Holt a grandstander, flogging emotional issues in order to curry favor with casual observers. Many thoughtful Republicans roll their eyes and whisper behind their hands in embarrassment when the prospect of another statewide candidacy for Holt is mentioned.

Holt ran for U.S. Senate last year, won the Republican nomination and did better than expected in the general election, polling 44 percent of the vote against incumbent Democrat Blanche Lincoln. His campaign consisted of little more than a single note -- vociferous support of a federal Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage -- backed by yard signs and e-mail lists supplied by conservative churches.

Full of confidence from his surprising finish, he openly contemplated running for governor before settling on another statewide race. But this time, his campaign won't be as far under the radar as it was against Lincoln.

First, there are those Republicans who consider him a detriment to the party. They will surely find a strong opponent to take him on. At least one other Republican, state Rep. Doug Matayo of Springdale, is considering running for lieutenant governor.

Second, Holt hasn't been too careful about the company he keeps. He's thrown in with Joe McCutcheon of Fort Smith to form an anti-immigration group called Protect Arkansas Now. McCutcheon has ties to organizations being monitored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a watchdog outfit that keeps an eye on racist hate groups. According to the law center's Web site, McCutcheon has connections to at least one group it considers racist, and says that he once had a letter to the editor published in the Southwest Times Record of Fort Smith complaining that Jews controlled the international banking trade. A photo on the center's Web site shows McCutcheon posing with a woman named Virginia Abernathy, who describes herself as a "white separatist" because she prefers to be "with my own kind."

Though we don't consider Holt himself to be a part of the brown-shirt crowd, partnering with a guy like McCutcheon says a lot about his judgment -- or lack thereof.

Holt's persona is appealing to many voters in Arkansas. He's socially conservative and professes a deep Christian faith. But a closer look at his record, his activities and his judgment show that, whatever else he is, he's been a failure as Springdale's state senator. He hasn't earned another term, let alone a higher office.

This article is from Morning News newspaper, Springdale, Arkansas. I hope you will send an e-mail to the writers of this article (e-mails below) even if it is just one or two lines and let them know what you think about the article. It is obvious that the writers are for homosexual marriage, illegal sale of alcoholic beverages, illegal activity, money before conscience - all things that Holt and true believers stand against. Their biggest lie was that his personal agenda drives his actions. Sentor Holt has probably endured more pain and persecution than any person in Arkansas. He has thought about quitting more than once, but is willing to go on with the battle for the Lord. If you want to send him a note of encouragement, his e-mail is and Remember he is taking the heat for all of us and for our Lord, the same heat we would be taking if we were in His shoes. That's why I have committed to pray for him every day.

9:14 PM, March 20, 2005  
Blogger Mr. Toast said...

Most Arkansans (excluding media elitists) understand the need and benefits of maintaining local control of our schools. The people in Sen. Holt's district certainly do--which is one of the reasons why the majority of them voted for Jim during his U.S. Senate election despite a media campaign to make it appear like Holt hates the public schools in his own district (so much for Holt not deserving his re-election).

The outright libel that Jim flippantly changed his vote on a Sam's Club liquor license in his district is incestuous journalism. The Morning News created this distortion in an earlier article following Sam's Club's decision to comply with Arkansas law by re-desigining their proposed Springdale Sam's Club with a separate building to sell spirits rather than sticking with their original design which would have had the merchant's liquor under the same roof as the rest of the store in violation of Arkansas law. Because the new design finally put Sam's on the right side of a law, Sen. Holt no longer had a legal basis for opposing them. Only then did he "withdraw his opposition." The Morning New's gross distortion that Sen. Holt simply felt the heat and subsequently caved is nothing less than an outright lie, and the fact that a Morning News editorial writer chooses to reference his own paper's libel as source is deplorable.

When you can't find anything with which to slime your political opponent, try to find some dirt on an acquaintance of his, then implicate your opponent by association. That seems to be the rule in the playbook being used by the Morning News. Even the writer has to blush when printing this: "Though we don't consider Holt himself to be a part of the brown-shirt crowd..."; Translation: We can't go as far as to say Holt is a Nazi, only because we'd be sued! The truth is that the writer couldn't even find enough dirt on McCutcheon, so he had to pull a quote of Virginia Abernathy out of context in order to slime him (we're at guilt by 3rd degree association now). Only then can they 'definitively' pronounce McCutcheon as a racist, and therefore question Holt's judgement for having spoken with him regarding a bill to eliminate public services for illegal immigration (there's not even a "partnership" between Holt and McCutcheon anyway). It's a far stretch, but, hey, it's all they've got.

Is it plain to the reader by now that the Morning News, with a lack of anything substantive, will fabricate whatever lies are needed to fit the bill for their campaign to malign the best legislator in the 85th General Assembly?

7:30 AM, March 22, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is all I need to read in order to know that the author of this swill doesn't deserve the assumption of any credibility:

Holt's feeble reply was that the Christian thing to do is obey the law.

I'm sure to this writer that obeying the law is a foreign concept to his brand of 'Christianity'. Not even able to separate the functions of government and individual charity, he would tax us all to death so that we can foot the bill for his convoluted definition of "charity." No wonder he references like-minded Huckabee.

7:44 AM, March 22, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Direct Hit Mr. Toast! The Morning News isn't even good enough of a paper to wrap fish with!

7:22 PM, March 22, 2005  
Blogger ibcaskme said...

We need to remember that when an individual takes an unpopular stand against the mainstream liberal media and the "Conservative, I can live with that attitude from the governor."
And then gets so much attention and heat for doing is because the liberal media is afraid of that person. They don't understand what they hear from someone who say what he means and means what he says.

In the minds of the liberal/progressive media analysts...they are the only ones who get it. They may be the ones who do GET IT in the end. They have certainly been proven wrong often enough. They just don't understand why their party isn't in control.

Holt is pretty powerful when he warrants this much coverage. He defies many of their own ingrained liberal schemes. When in doubt.....the liberals always accuse the conservatives of exactly what it is the liberals are doing.

Holt is getting a lot of press and that's good for him.

7:01 PM, March 29, 2005  
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