Monday, March 07, 2005

Response to "Morning News" Editorials

by Mark Moore (click "comments" below for article)


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

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7:21 AM, March 07, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

On Saturday March 5th "The Morning News" did it again. They implied anyone who is against HB 1525 is a racist. HB 1525 provides a means for illegal aliens who attend Arkansas' secondary schools to get in-state tutition and taxpayer funded scholarships.

Most of the article was about the failure of the U of A in Fayetteville to recruit their goal of minority students (18%). I guess that was because it is hard to fill an entire editorial column with the phrase "anyone who opposes this is just a racist". Instead, they ended the column like this....

"Despite the span of almost 60 years since the integration of the UA in Fayetteville , 50 years since central high, 40 years since the victory of the civil rights movement in the south, Arkansas still stumbles through matters of race and ethnicity. In both these examples, the cost is educational opportunites for minority students."

Excuse me while I hurl. It is a travesty to compare the plight of blacks in the 1950s with those of the illegal immigrants in our country today. Blacks were orginally brought here against their will, illegals have snuck in here against our will. Blacks could not even get in our universitites even if they were willing to pay with their own money. Now advocates for illegals are demanding that invaders be put through college with our money.

There is simply no comparison between the two group's circumstances, no matter how hard the editorial board of the paper tries to paint one. It is not a race issue- no in is suggesting that only illegals of a certain race be denied public benefits- our position is that ALL illegals, of whatever race, should be denied public benefits.

I'm not so sure that even our own citizens should get the scholarships. Why should an Arkansan who works in a factory be taxed so that the son of the owner of the factory can get a scholarship? The program is not means tested. Its welfare for the upper class in many cases. Where its not, private charity could do a much better job than the government in deciding who should get that scholarship money.

Maybe that explains why $13 million from that program went unclaimed and unspent last year. Instead of concluding that the program is not that needed (and reduce our taxes), what do they do? They try to expand the program to non-citizens while still claiming we need to increase taxes to pay for school facilities!

The editorial writers of The Morning News are out of touch with you the reader. They may call people ugly names and cast insinuations, but pay them no mind.

7:26 AM, March 07, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

I also have a note for Doug Thompson. Doug is one of the more thoughtful writes on The Morning News staff, and seems to be a nice guy. Still, his column on Saturday basically said, (I am paraphrasing) "Hey, they are here, they are coming, and no one in government has the will to try and stop them, so you might as well get out your checkbooks and surrender".

Hey Doug, its our country, and our money. Is it OK if we at least protest? Or should we just obediantly shut up and take it like good little serfs?

7:34 AM, March 07, 2005  
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