Saturday, April 30, 2005

Banking and Immigration


Blogger Mark West said...

Amazingly, these two unrelated issues have a common thread. I don’t want to take credit for what I’m about to say because it just sort of hit me one day. Some would call it a revelation; however, I realize that such for me is more of an aberration.

What could this visionary concept be? Banking and immigration have a common thread that I am developing an immense understanding of because of what’s going on here in my hometown. I live in Batesville, Arkansas, a place that has been dominated, until recently, by two major hometown community oriented banks. However, recent days, infused with the influx of at least four new non-local banks, are materializing into a battle of the banks.

The past has seen our community’s ardent rejection of the few non-local, big banks that are already here. It seems these new banks are struggling to get a small portion of the local market. Local residents resist the temptations involved in receiving more benefits with accounts in these banks.

Why? Community banks are about community! Community banks make big money in the community and restore that money into the community through various local charities. Community banks tend to keep more money in the community, not only through their local workforce, but also through their local board of directors and stockholders. Most of every dollar remains in the community either by the bank’s charitable giving or by its’ local employment and ownership.

How is this different from non-local, big banks? Most of every dollar going into these banks eventually leaves the community through non-local ownership. That’s the niche of the local community bank. If given a choice between spending a dollar on something that will return three quarters to you as opposed to spending a dollar on something that may return only a dime? The cost of putting money into a local bank, in this regard, is far less than putting money into a non-local, big bank.

The community bank has a relationship of reciprocity with the community it exists in creating a cycle of community growth. The non-local, big bank has a relationship of resentment with the community it comes to because most communities realize the big bank is in town for one reason…to make money for the stockholders…who normally are not local.

How does this relate to immigration? Most illegal immigrants are here for one reason…make more money to take back home to Mexico. They are not interested in putting any more of their money back into the community than is necessary in meeting daily needs. Most of their money leaves the American economy and exiles itself to Mexico.

I’m not discussing those immigrants who want to become Americans and become productive members of the American society and economy. I’m dealing specifically with those who have no desire whatsoever to become productive American citizens, but rather are here to take advantage of our compassion and plunder the benefits of such. These are the ones whose cost is rapidly rising and creating problems with America.

Why should Americans invest in Mexico when we all agree that there are enough problems in America that we don’t have the money to solve. Such is illogical, but has become the prevailing sentiment at the Rock. How many of us would deny our own children what they need to survive in order to care for someone who is merely intending to take advantage of us? Very few!

This argument, just like the bank battle in my hometown, is not about compassion as those anti-Arkansas people claim it is. It is about Arkansas itself. It is about making sure we take care of our own and that through enculturation we weed out those who are here to plunder the limited resources of our state. How compassionate is it to give to a thief what must rather be given to our own children?

8:54 AM, April 30, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The tidal wave of illegal invaders has wide ranging consequences. Did you know that the #2 source of foriegn currency for Mexico (next to oil) is dollars sent home from Mexican citizens working in this country? They don't contribute to our economy like someone who is interested in staying here forever would. The money is not being
"contributed" to the local community, but rather sucked out of it.

7:50 PM, April 30, 2005  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:42 PM, April 26, 2007  

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