Sunday, May 22, 2005

Letters: Too Tolerant of Liberal Judges

By Mike Harrod (Click "comments" below to read article).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one twists the truth better than a liberal. However, the American people, in light of daily headlines, are finding out how wrong that political slant is. This is never more true than the fight over judges. In Leslie Ray's letter he says Republicans are breaking the rules, but the opposite is true. I have been teaching social studies for 20 years, and I have come to the conclusion that our judicial system is the one weakness of the greatest government the world has ever known; it must be fixed.

Because of liberal judges, convicted rapists are set free and our children are raped and killed by them. Why? They are more concerned with the rights of the accused than the rights of our citizens to be protected. Because of liberal judges, babies are pulled out of their mothers womb except for the head and their brains are sucked out. Why?
So people can live whatever lifestyle they want and not be held responsible for their actions.

Liberal judges are only concerned with promoting the liberal agenda. They want no absolute morals. No accountability. They seek to erase all trace of the Judeo-Christian values our forefathers based this country on.All beliefs except those are to be promoted. Protect militant Islam, even if that means allowing terrorists to go free.

Celebrate any religious holiday in schools except Christmas. Erase the references to God or Christ in our documents, on our coins, from our national monuments. Don't ever mention Ben Franklins' call to prayer when our Constitutional Convention was about to fail. He was a religious extremist, intolerant.

When we seek to be heard in government, we are seen as divisive.

The truth is, we are truely in a culture war in this country. Most of us want conservative values. We want protection from criminals. We want a free market economy and incentive, which have given us the greatest health care, economy and technology in the world. We don't want a move to socialism. The poor? I teach world history, and I assure you, you would rather be poor here than anywhere in the world.
Our poor still have a roof over their heads and a floor other than dirt in their homes. They have televisions, radios, cars and food. They may not live like many do in the suburbs, but that is all relative. In most places in the world they would be considered wealthy.

I contend we people of the heartland are not devisive enough. We have stood back while liberal judges have eroded the foundations of our great country. We should not seek to come together politically with those that would kill children born and unborn while protecting the rights of multiple-covicted criminals; with those that would seek to erase all our values and replace them with those of Michael Moore and

You must fight the war with your vote. You must fight by calling your representatives. You must moniter your children's education. You must not endorse slanted liberalism hiding in the guise of network television or CNN. Demand your local institutes of higher education give equal employment to conservatives. Withdraw donations until they do. Wake up everyday and fight the fight for your children and your children's children. Don't take the easy way. If you don't, one day we will wake up in a nation our forefathers would weep to see. Don't be afraid to be called intolerant. Think of it as the dying shrieks of the witch when Dorothy threw the water on her. Let them have their say, but don't let them have our country by the throat.

8:46 AM, May 22, 2005  
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