Sunday, May 15, 2005

Vote for Best/Worst Legislators


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

The "Arkansas Democrat-Gazette" has come out with their list of Best and Worst Legislators. The list is chosen by some dude in the editorial department whose opinions are not any better than yours or mine. Still, I usually agree with most of their choices of who should be on the lists, except that their "worst" are my "best" and vice versa.

On the theory that all of us are smarter than any of us, Arkansas Watch is going to have it's own best and worst legislators list, and it is going to be chosen by you the readers.

You may nominate up to 10 best and 10 worst legislators. Each legislator can only get 1 anonymous vote. For all other votes the person must either sign the post with their name and address, or e-mail me their name and phone number. Send it to Make the subject "vote confirm".

For example a person could say on this thread "My best is Billy Bottoms and My worst is Denny Dodge, signed concerned in Conway". Then that person emails me at and says, "I am Fred Jones from Conway, my phone number is 870-123 4567. I voted as "concerned in Conway".

We will announce the vote totals sometime next week. Please don't let the verification proceedures stop you. The Demozette folks hide behide the editorial page to cast their barbs, but this just adds to our claim that our poll will be the REAL best and worst list.


7:40 PM, May 15, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Terry McDermott voted before I even got the rules up. I had to erase that post so I will recreate his vote here:

Best : Steve Farris and Jim Holt

Worst: Joyce Elliot

7:42 PM, May 15, 2005  
Blogger celtie said...

Best: Jim Holt

Worst: Jody Mahoney
He was the worst in '85, and he's still a thorn in the side of conservatives!

8:33 PM, May 15, 2005  
Blogger The Partisan Arkansan said...

Best Is Mr Jim Holt

Worse has got to be Mr Ken "lets get the tax payers to pay off ole Jimmie lous gubernatorial debt" Cowling

9:01 PM, May 16, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

I am a reader as well as a contributor, so I get to vote too I guess...

Best: Senator Jim Holt (Springdale):

Voted against every tax increase put before him(except for one beer tax that he later voted to remove). 100% pro-life voting record. Straight A's from the NRA. Lone senate sponsor of the bill demanding financial transparancy in political parties (that uncovered a lot of irregularities in his own party). Willing to take a stand on issues the people beleive in but that most politicos don't have the guts to touch, like activist judges and illegal immigration.

Best: Representative Bob Adams (Sheridan).

A Democrat who has a record more conservative than most Republicans. He also gets along well with people from both sides of the isle. Family values: lead sponsor of the bill to prevent homosexuals from adopting children (which the courts are now trying to impose on us).

Best: Sen. Steve Farris (D)Malvern. Somehow, the Demozette lets him get away with voting ultra-conservative.

Best: Sen. Kim Hendren (R) Gravette and
Best: Senator Denny Altes (R) of Fort Smith.

In both cases the papers complain that they are isolated and can't "get anything done". If I was one of a handful of honest conservatives in a room full of phonies, liberals, and crooks I might be "isolated" too. I also would have trouble "getting things done" if those things involved raising taxes and expanding government.

The papers imply both are dumb. I immediately discount all media reports that a conservative is dumb. It's what they said about Reagan, and he was smart enough to win the Cold War and bring in Econimic Prosperity. Liberals seem to be unable to comprehend that some problems have NONGOVERNMENTAL solutions. When you don't go along with the phony big government answer, to them it is like you don't have an answer and are dumb.
Worst: Representative Shirley Borhauer (Bella Vista)

How can a Republican from conservative Benton County get re-elected with her record? I think at the midpoint of her career she had NEVER VOTED AGAINST ANY TAX INCREASE put before her. She would not sign on to a resolution supporting marriage as the union of one man and one woman. She has been completely ineffective as a legislator. Has only been a rubber stamp for lobbyists and the Gov's big-government ideas.

Worst: Representative Jodie Mahony (El Dorado)

This man is the worst because he IS effective at what he wants to do- impose socialism.

He has been behind every failed school reform since Hillary's stupid Basic Skills Test fiasco. His fingerprints are all over this flawed facilities study too. The man even got a D from the NRA for goodness sakes.

Worst: Rep. Joyce Elliot (D) Little Rock. She may wind up being the next Mahony- wrong and effective at getting bad legislation passed into law. Jim Holt, Debbie Pelley, and some others were able to stop her worst bill- education benefits for illegal aliens at taxpayer expense in violation of Federal law- but just barely!

Rep. Bob Johnson (D) Bigelow. For the mis-named "Water Quality Assurance Act" alone. I hate to agree with a Demozette pick, but they were right on this one. With a lump in my throat I will....agree with them again.

Worst: Rep Charles Ormond of Morrilton and Ken Cowling of Foreman, both Democrats, make my "worst" list for sponsoring bills that would blatantly serve to personally enrich them.

Worst: I also agree with the Demozette that Sue Madison (D) Fayetteville, should be on the worst list for trying to push the so-called "Equal Rights Ammendment" through even though nobody wanted it.

Worst: Lindsley Smith (D) Fayetteville. Her obsession was passing a law making homosexuality a civil right.

Worst: Ruth Whitaker (D) Cedarville. Her facilities study was deceptively packaged as a "study". To the extent it would have worked at all, it likely would have worked against schools like the ones she represents.

Worst: Sen. Gilbert Baker (R) Conway. Does he represent the people of his district or the interests of the Republican Party that he chairs? Perhaps it is because I once had such high expectations for him, kind of like with Mike Huckabee. I once thought that both would lead the charge, even in the face of media flak, to advance conservative ideas. Both got the support of conservatives to get where they are. Both now spend more time trying to avoid "controvery" (read advancing conservative ideas) and trying to be all things to all men.

9:32 AM, May 17, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holt should run for Prez. and Steve Faris should be VP.


What a pair!

9:09 PM, May 18, 2005  
Blogger Debbie Pelley said...

I ultimately judge a legislator by the way he/she votes on issues important to me. God says he looks at the heart. A legislator's vote reflects his heart more than any other characteristic. Some legislators may be more effective than others in getting legislation passed due in large part to where he/she stands on issues, and whether the powers that be support those issues. But the legislator's vote tells you where his/her values are and often his/her level of courage.

I found at least one senator and one representative that voted on 18 family and cultural issues the way I would have voted. That senator is Republican Jim Holt and that representative is Republican James Norton of Harison. I think there may be a few other legislators that did so as well, but I have not had time to check their votes yet. I thought those two would be close to the way I would vote so checked them first.

You can find these 18 bills and all legislator votes on them on I compiled these votes on 18 family and culture bills. You can do your own study easily with the score sheet that I made up. That link is I think many people will appreciate this document. It took hours of work but will be a good reference for voting next election and for the next legislative session.

So BEST is Sen. Jim Holt of Springdale and Rep. James Norton of Harrison.

One representative voted opposite to how I would have voted on all 18 bills. That is Representative Joyce Elliott. Representative Jody Mahoney voted opposite from the way I would have voted on 15 of those issues. Besides, Jody is extremely crafty and is able to maneuver and manipulate and influence to get bills passed. As he himself said, he has controlled education now for 20 years, and Argue said he learned much of what he knows about education from Mahony. If you like where we are educationally and the money we spent, by all means congratulate Mahony.

So worst is Reps Jodie Mahony of El Dorado and Joyce Elliot of Little Rock, both Democrats.

Later I want to add other legislator profiles when I have had time to check their votes more closely.

I would be eager to hear from others if they go to the website as to what other legislators' votes matched theirs. If the above links don't work, go to and look for first two items under New and Featured articles or to home pge and look for first tow items under New and Featured articles.

Debbie Pelley
check out this website:

9:43 PM, May 18, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Note to Anyonomous two posts up: Holt and Faris have already gotten votes for best, and Mahony for worst. Your votes for them will not be tabulated in our offical totals unless you email me at chairman @ and give me an ID, or provide it in a post. Your vote for (or should I say against?) Mr. Roebuck counts, as it is the first one he has gotten.

9:47 PM, May 18, 2005  
Blogger proud conservative said...

I think that there are several good legislators

James Norton is a great one, Mark Martin, the Hutchinson Bros, and Lamoreaux.

Good Senators include Holt, Womack, and Altes.

The worst are too numerous to count so I will just name a few republicans - Ruth Whitaker, Shirley Walters, Horace Hardwick, Bill Sample, Rick Green, and Ragland. There are certainly democrats much worse but we would expect that from them.

3:09 PM, May 19, 2005  
Anonymous M.J.Olson, Little Rock said...

Worst: Joyce Elliot, Jodie Mahoney

Best: Jim Holt

7:37 PM, May 23, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Green and Ragland were/are Freshman, you can't call them worst just because they were leaning the system.

6:19 AM, May 25, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

I was hoping this thread would generate a lot more response than it has. Holt leads the best, and Mahony the worst (with Joyce Elliot close behind).

8:24 AM, June 01, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Proud Conservative,

Mark Martin? He was for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

12:03 PM, June 02, 2005  
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