Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Immigration Raid Fallout in Arkadelphia

By Mark Moore (click "comments" to continue).


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Last week agents of the Immigration and Naturalization Service raided a Pettit Jean poultry plant in Arkadelphia. They arrested 119 illegal aliens, all of which intitially claimed they did not have any children. Later it turns out that there were about 30 children, some left in day care centers. The arrest of a criminal who stole the identities of other people and sold supporting documents to the illegals gave federal agents the lead they needed to crack the case.

Here is some additional fallout from the raid....

1) Governor Mike Huckabee wants to investigate whether federal agents gave local officials "adequate notice" of the raid.

2) The Clark County Sheriff has also complained that the INS did not give local officials "adequate notice" of the raid.

Comments on 1 and 2:
The most successful raid in recent memory comes after state and local officals are NOT warned that a raid is coming. Could it be that fear of leaks is what kept the INS from informing state and local officials?

3) The forman of the Petitt Jean Poultry plant says that about sixty additional workers have not shown up for work since the raid, making ongoing operations difficult.

Comments on #3
The plant either knew it had a lot of illegals or should have known. I have little sympathy for the company when they suffer financially. Their practice (knowingly or unknowingly) of hiring illegal aliens with stolen identities had the effect of depressing the wages for legitimate citizens in the workforce. It also added to our national scourge of identity theft.

4) Senator Mark Pryor is also considering looking into the details of the raid.

See comments 1 and 2.

5) Catholic Relief Organizations are moblizing to provide for the children and to "help those who are afraid to return to work because of the likelyhood of future raids".

Comments on #5.

They do well when they help the needy children. They do well when they help adults, even those who have broken the law. The Church is God's instrument of Mercy and that is what one would expect them to do. The Civil Government is also God's instrument- of justice. When they bust people who have entered this country illegally and steal the identities of others they also do His work.

I do take issue with the Church helping those "who are afraid to return to work" because of more raids. It sounds like they are helping people who broke the law, and that they want to enable them to keep breaking it. The help they should give them is help getting back to their country of origin.


The papers make it sound like the INS did a terrible thing because 30 children were left unattended. The parents LIED about having children, just as they lied about thier identities.

Let me tell the softies this: Having children should not give one a blank check to break the law. It should not put you above arrest. We don't think a thing of it when we arrest an American citizen with children. It happens all the time, but Americans usually don't lie to the authorities and claim they have no kids.

If having kids means that we can't arrest someone then we better open the doors of our prisions and release those prisioners directly into your neighborhood- after all some of them have several children by different women.

That is my opinion.So what do you think?

10:24 PM, August 02, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Please excuse my typing and spelling errors on the previous post. You can tell I wrote this after mid-night local time at the end of a very long day.

10:27 PM, August 02, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:42 AM, August 03, 2005  
Blogger Mr. Toast said...

Awesome post. Good job, INS!

A new governor in '06 sounds better and better everyday.

5:15 PM, August 03, 2005  
Anonymous MrKnowItAll said...

Dear Mark Moore,

Over the last few months I had gradually begin to have some respect for you. I do not agree with your views most times but that wasn't critical. However, I think you have missed the boat on this one. Blaming the government for the "illegal" problem is idiotic. Republicans like Holt and others who have made their trademark on the emotional back of the "illegal" problem miss the mark too.

The law breaker here is the Petitt Jean Poultry plant. not some poor illegal immigrant. Where is your disdain for Petitt Jean? Why did this company bring these people into our communities? Republicans talk tough about the solution to this 'illegal" problem but it is republican business that hire the vast majority of undocumented immigrants.

The solution to this problem is very simple. ( when someone says a solution to a problem is simple alarm bells should go off! myself included) . We don't need the Republicans, Democrats, Government, etc. to solve this problem. From this point forward any business who uses undocumented workers doesn't get past my front door. Petitt Jean Meats could have a 10 for a dollar sale but you want find that stuff in my house. Furthermore I'm going to ask my local grocer to stop selling a product from a company who's blatant disrespect for the law has hurt our great state.

How about them apples ?

6:52 PM, August 03, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

You have not made a case to support your contention that it is "idiotic" to blame the government for the illegal aliens problem. The federal government has a constitutional obligation to protect our borders from invasion, and is in charge of the INS as well. They have not done their job, so why shouldn't they be blamed?

Indeed, it is pretty clear that President Bush wants to grant a de facto amnesty that can (and has just by the rumour of it_ encourage even more invaders. It is not about the Hispanic votes, but about cheap labor. The elites want the flow of labor to be as liquid as the flow of capital. They want workers to be as fungable as dollar bills.

You have also failed to support your contention that "The lawbreaker here is the Petitt Jean Poultry plant, not some poor illegal immigrant" Indeed your statement is self-refuting. By definition, illegal immigrants are lawbreakers. These particular ones also stole other people's identities, which can ruin their credit and cause other problems. The poultry plant MAY have broken the law, depending on if they really knew, but the immigrants definitely broke the law. As for where my disdain for Pettit Jean is, check Comments on #3. If it is determined that PJ officials knew what was going on, they should be prosecuted too.

On the positive side, I think more of your action suggestion than I do of your logic. Your "solution" of a boycott is a "good part of a healthy breakfast", but a boycott alone will not be a sufficient deterrent. Using illegal labor allows people to sell the same product for less. As long as the people who buy on low price outnumber the people who buy on boycott it will still pay to use illegal labor. That is why government must act so that things like raids that cripple the plant makes the cost of cheating not worth the benefits.

10:42 PM, August 03, 2005  
Anonymous MrKnowItAll said...

Your are absolutely right in that is wrong to say "it's idiotic to blame the government for the illegal problem." It's idiotic to think they will do something about it. The thin man is on his way to New Hampshire to run for president. His hands are tied.

8:56 AM, August 04, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

The thin man is on the radio saying he would have given them five or six days to get their affairs in order. Has he gone mad? The worst of them would have used those days to disapeer and steal someone else's identity.

He is absolutely taking the side of big business and illegal aliens against the interests of the citizens of this state. 06 can't come fast enough for me.

9:36 AM, August 04, 2005  
Anonymous MrKnowItAll said...

From th AP

"Poultry plant officials said they had no way of knowing the workers were illegal, since the workers had provided identification and were hired through the state’s employment security division"

How in the &*^%$#*&^% can the state government get jobs for undicumented workers?

Wait for 06 ^%$&* lets recall the thin man now!

Petit Jean meats has my apoligy now. Do they sell crow loaf?

11:04 AM, August 04, 2005  
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