Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shock: Calhoun Out in Lt. Governor's Race

By Mark Moore (click "comments" below for article).

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Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Little Rock investment banker Rick Calhoun has announced his withdrawal from the Lt. Governor's race just a week after announcing.

The graciously-worded letter to his supporters gave few details as to why he chose to reverse his earlier decision. His only hint in the letter was when he said, "I am disapointed to discover that integrity is in short supply in the realm of politics". But surely he knew that already? Perhaps he meant that there was some specific person or persons that he was surprised to find lacked integrity. Does anyone have any information on this?

Whatever his reasons, Arkansas Watch wishes the Calhouns well.

We can only guess what impact this will have on the Lt. Governors race. At this point I am starting to think that the odds are that Republicans will have an uncontested primary. Love him or hate him, I see Jim Holt staying in. I see one more candidate dropping out and one running for another office, perhaps Treasurer.

It would be pretty ironic if the only guy to file was the one that had to fight constant rumours from his opponent's supporters that he was dropping out, while those that confidently asserted they were in and going to win all left the race.

9:58 PM, September 07, 2005  
Anonymous mj said...

I was told by an Eagle Forum contact on Sunday that Mr.Calhoun viewed himself as the "Republican Solution"- he was surprised to find that the GOP didn't rally to his side.

10:09 PM, September 07, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of slimy tactics Holt and his supporters used to get Rick out of the race.

4:36 AM, September 08, 2005  
Anonymous Rev. Dr. Gene L. Jeffries said...

I am not an acrimonious person, but I deeply resent the comment that implies Jim Holt and his supporters resort to "slimy tactics" for any reason. Those who make such remarks speak more of themselves than they do of Holt.

For my part, I have known Jim Holt and his family on a personal basis for a number of years, and he has always depicted "the high road" --something extremely difficult in today's "no-holds-bared" politics.

Jim Holt depicts the highest of Christian ethics and integrity. Arkansas is blessed to have a man of his calibre. He and Asa will work well together. I urge all Arkansans to support Jim Holt for Lt. Governor!

6:24 AM, September 08, 2005  
Anonymous Harvey Edwards for State Representative said...

I have seen first hand what Mr Calhoun was up against. I worked for the campaign of Vernon Humphrey last year. There was never a GOP backing, and he also had to go out of pocket for not only the filing fee but for the campaign. I asked the House minority leader on the radio why it was that you dont see the GOP standing up beside and for their candidate. I was told that Humphrey would have done better if he would have had more fundraisers. This is a good reason for many to wisen up. There doesnt seem to be any integrity left, just fundraising solutions.
Once again I would have to overlook and ignore anyone who uses anonymous. Christians are looked down on by too many who want the system to remain corrupt and on track for destruction from within. And besides we all know there is a Christian agenda that they cannot allow in the face of abortions, our 10 commandments etc.etc. Well thats my two cents.

7:56 AM, September 08, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love these BUT MONKEY ( ) Constitution Party nutcases that call themselves Conservatives.

This is their typical line:

I'M NOT (insert word) BUT (insert excuse or vitriolic rant)

For example:

I'm not acrimonious but...
I'm not a racist but...
I'm not a hateful but...

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with Constitution Party folks. In fact, SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS are Constitution Party. Friends or not, I guess I will never understand THOSE PEOPLE.

8:16 AM, September 08, 2005  
Anonymous Harvey Edwards said...

I am sure you wont. I guess a far right conservative who stands on principles rather than popular opinion and poll numbers will have trouble. Thats just the way I am , you are different, thats fine too.

Unless you are saying that I cant be conservative and Christian both. Then I would say, yep yall aint never gonna understand.

9:40 AM, September 08, 2005  
Anonymous Fannie Elmore said...

Believe it or not I am supporting Drew Pritt for Lt. Governor. While many of the other candidates spout the usual drivel Mr. Pritt is the liberal version of Jim Holt, a man who sticks to his principles and gets slammed by the establishment for it. Yes I know he's gay. So what? He's not made that an issue but rather has been talking against rural school consolidation, for economic development in the Delta, as well as an increase in the minimum wage. If you ask me we could do for a few more Jim Holts and Drew Pritts in Arkansas politics.

4:22 PM, September 08, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

It astounds me to see the irrational hatred some people have for Sen. Jim Holt. Like this anon guy making a false accusation, with absolutely no supporting fact at all, that Holt did something sleazy to force Calhoun's withdrawal.

It is insane. What evil has Jim Holt done to earn such reckless hate? Nothing! He is the only Lt. Governor candidate the GOP has that can win. He probably has nine or ten times the name ID of the others, and has gotten literally a hundred times the votes of all the others combined. It seems like some Republicans would rather see their party lose than Holt win. Why?

8:23 PM, September 08, 2005  
Anonymous Lucas Roebuck said...

I agree with Mark that Holt is the target of ugly hatred, but I am not sure why Mr. Moore thinks Holt is more likely to win than either Banks or Matayo in the general. His comparisons of Holt's U.S. Senate race numbers during a presidential primary to Matayo's state rep races is a non-sequitor.

10:28 PM, September 08, 2005  
Blogger terrymcdermott said...

The leaders of the Arkansas Republican Party are centerist. Which means to me they are lukewarm. Moderate Republicans hate Jim Holt because he is Christian, and his family live a very modest and traditional life style.

I say so what if he has ten kids, this has nothing do with Lt. Governor's race.

The reason is simple, we live in an evil world that hates Christians. The Unbeievers are so upset that he ran a good race against Sen. Lincoln. Now they are out to destroy him anyway they can.

10:33 PM, September 08, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...


I am glad that you survived the thrusts of Brummetts pen!

Is it really a non-sequitor? Normal people vote out of habit and are more likely to vote for someone that they have already voted for. Jim can spend some effort keeping them but the rest going after the thin slice of voter minds he needs to change to win.

Check that, if the right people show up, Jim already has enough votes to win. He got more than Pryor did when he beat Hutchinson. I know turnout was higher, but those are still people who have been coaxed to the polls recently, and have voted for Holt, and so are more likely to do so again.

If you still insist 44% is not good enough against an incumbant who outspent Jim 40 to 1, I remind you that Asa only got 38% in his senate try- and he was not so heavily outspent. Maybe 3-1 or less.

If there is a reason Holt can't win, it is the people in his own party that have an irrational hatred of him. I think Terry's post has a lot of truth in it. I don't think there are very many of those people in absolute numbers, but unfortunately many of them are high in the GOP and they are very active and nasty in a personal way.

Sometimes it seems like extreme secularists in the party- the ones who want to keep The Lord politely confined to Sunday mornings, approve of Drew Pritt's lifesytle more than they do Jim Holt's!

And yes you can quote me, its on a blog!

6:07 AM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous Clint Reed said...

Ah, yes, the Constitution Party shows their collective ass again. The Republican Party of Arkansas is a godless bastion of heathens? What a load of BS. Have you been to an Arkansas Republican County Committee Meeting? Every meeting begins with a prayer. 85% of the committee member attend Church every Sunday. If you took a poll of Primary voters and asked them what was the most important thing in their lives over 2/3’s of them would say their personal relationship with Jesus. People who share your religious and social beliefs make up the Party membership. Terry, lukewarm is hardly the word I would use to describe the RPA.

There is one difference between you, the Constitution Party, and the Republicans. Republicans care about winning elections and actually having an effect on Public Policy. The Constitution Party exists to entertain its members. The Constitution Party has no impact in our elections, it has no impact in the ways that our laws are shaped, and it has no impact on anyone’s life, outside of the 2,500 social outcasts that would actually vote for your candidates.

If you want to actually be useful, leave that ridiculous god awful Party, and work within the Republican Party. Until you do that no one will take you seriously.

6:52 AM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous h mercer said...

The Republican Party cares about WINNING elections alright... they are winning elections at the expense of our Consitution and the future of this nation. Too many Republican politicians (YES, they are politicians, not statesmen) have compromised their own integrity, being enslaved by their sole goal of winning and the lust of power!

And for the Republicans ACTUALLY impacting public policy?! What a joke -- what have they done to protect marriage, and the borders (the big "elephant" in the room that virtually no Republican politicians want to touch except to kowtow to the wishes of the President and the Governor). Yes, there are some Republicans that are actually doing something to impact the public policies in construtive ways that is faithful to our Constitution - Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo, but that's about all, and most of the time these true Republicans who are working for the good of this nation are disliked (or hated) by their own party.

All the political talk without actually talking about anything substantive from both the Republicans and the Democrats are starting to sound very hollow.

7:47 AM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan is supposed to have said: "Conservatives win when we show we are of a bold color."

Without guts, the republicans consign themselves to ineffectiveness, and the constituion party is left holding the bag.

The reason the constituion party has no effect on public policy is they are not allowed on the ballot. By law. So, duh, they can't be effective.
What about everything the constitution and republican parties agree on? Anything?

The long and short of it is: Whoever shows that they can stand on principle wins the hearts and minds of Arkansas.

1:14 PM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not that some hate Holt, he just has some short falls. He can fix them though and become a good candidate. That is what the primary election is about, finding the BEST candidate. One main thing is Holt has been a loose cannon. He said Rove should be
fired. This is a very irresponsible comment to make seeing that Rove is a main resin that the Republicans have won the presidency, senate, and house. When one republican is attacked republicans must stand by them, instead Holt turned on them.

Secondly, during the senate campaign Holt said as it stood he would not of voted for the
Iraq war, but also said he did not have the needed information to decide.

Thirdly, During the debates a phrase that Holt said was

Finally, Holt runs on inflammatory issues to get elected. On his web page he attacks judges and post every SC case that will irritate the conservatives. There is no vision for the future. Calhoun had the vision for Arkansas. How will Holt help the average Arkansasan? He may turn out to be a great candidate, but he needs work.

1:46 PM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holt has guts, but it must be combined with loyalty. Arkansas must have loyal and bold conservitives. That is what Banks has to prove. IS he a loyal conservitive or just a trial lawyer like Sen. Edwards, or a soft moderate.

2:36 PM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark you are too proud and should be ashamed. I remember when mr. pritt posted here in discussion. I have heard him speak. He doesn't make an issue of his lifestyle but you sure do. Shame on you Mark. The boy isn't trying to change marriage and his campaign has made no issue of his lifestyle. I would think you'd want two people like sen. holt and mr. pritt because it gives voters a clear and honest choice. If you are going to talk about ethics and lifestyles then the gluttony of hathorn, matayo, and wooldridge in the state government is an issue. Also the making money off of other peoples pain like banks is an issue too. I think you know mr. pritt is a good guy.

4:40 PM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Pritt is going to win as well. He's original and sticks to his guns. You know I don't agree with him always but I know he is not going to trade his convictions for a political opportunity.

I don't like Tim Wooldridge because he acts like a conservative, but really he is a big money candidate.

I don't like Mike Hathorn because he's slicker than Clinton.

I don't like Jay Martin because he's disingenuous.

I don't like Chuck Banks because frankly he's too old and too much of a Democrat!

I don't like Doug Matayo because he is sneaky as well as the fact he is doing all he can to push Holt out of the race.

I like Jim Holt but frankly question if he can win. He's not going statewide yet with this bid. He also benefitted last time from more anti-Lincoln than pro-Holt votes.

But I think I can have my voice heard first in the Democrats primary and my choice is Mr. Pritt. He may be queer but he's honest and thats not something I can say about the rest of them..except maybe Holt!

9:06 PM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When it come to the crunch Pritt will stand with the gays and Holt with the average Arkansasan . Did he vote for the marriage amendment? What was his opinion on the marriage amendment? And what is the record of Pritt? Everyone else in the field has a record. Pritt will not be guaranteed to election should he win the primary.

2:31 PM, September 10, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Banks doesn't have a record and neither did Calhoun. Huckabee didn't have a record nor did Rockefeller before they were elected. To say he will stand with the gays shows how ignorant you can be. Have you heard him talk?

As far as marriage amendment he is the ONLY Democrat I have heard say that marriage is an institution of the church. He also says he doesn't believe government should be defining marriage. So I guess that shows he stands with average Arkansans.

6:17 PM, September 10, 2005  
Anonymous Harvey Edwards for State Representative Dist. 14 said...

That is not what it means to me. It means he wants the church to redefine marriage to his needs. So I have got to say No , he doesnt stand for the average american. In the beginning God made adam and eve, not Adam and George.

10:09 PM, September 10, 2005  
Anonymous Lucas Roebuck said...

Dear anonymous poster:

What evidence do you have that Matayo is trying to push Holt out of the race? I know both Doug and Jim really well and I don't see what you claim. Any proof?


10:21 AM, September 11, 2005  
Anonymous Drew Pritt said...

Mr. Edwards, it has come to my attention that you have taken to attacking me and my positions on various blogs. I have just returned from church and am sorrowed to see someone who just a week or so ago emailing me with support has now turned so quickly and viciously on me.

Mr. Edwards you took the time to email me so if you had any questions beforehand, you could have emailed me privately. Since you have made this a public dispute, I shall reply in kind.

The Lieutenant Governor's office has no constitutional perogative over the institution of marriage. In my faith as a Christian, I see marriage as an institution and a sacrament of the church. Therefore the definition is up to the churches to decide.

Do not presume to put words into my mouth. Nor do not presume to state publicly what is not truth. Integrity truly is a merit lacking in politics. Your baseless and undeniably wrong statements about me and my positions, confirms that standard and lack of integrity.

To furthermore, correct a statement also made about me. I own my own business, as well have served for years as a substitute teacher. I have paid my taxes faithfully. I have done much to build up my community in whatever means necessary.

In regards to the checks, they were not recently written but from a period of time in the 1990's. I stepped up and I took responsibility. I paid the debt off and went on with my life.

Mr. Edwards you have a lot to learn and the people of Arkansas deserve better than cheap mud-slinging politics.

10:29 AM, September 11, 2005  
Anonymous Harvey Edwards for State Representative dist 14 said...

Its easy to call people mudslingers and cheap. I would like to know where I used your name or singled you out. I make comments on my opinions only and if it hurts, the pain isnt coming from me.

I am proud to say that I am biased on personal traits that prove Jim Holt to be above and beyond most anyone in politics today. He has learned to deal with criticizm, he gets enough of it . God is in charge. and he knows it. But thats my opinion.

11:20 AM, September 11, 2005  
Anonymous Drew Pritt said...

Harvey, your comments above have no cognisence or reason to them. Did you not make the comments above mine on here as well as at Arkansas Truth? Also, Mr. Edwards how can you email me and promise support, then use a blog to attack me?

Not sure where you get pain or hurt from anything I have said. Disappointment yes, pain, no.

I also recognize that God is in control. It is not for you to say otherwise. Moreover to say I wish to change the sacrament of marriage is a smear to deter others from my candidacy. In effect, it's lying. You do not speak for me, nor know me well enough to have an opinion of me.

Harvey, you slinged the mud. I just had to clean it up!

2:09 PM, September 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr. edwards you should be ashamed. i too have read your posts. you have attacked mr. pritt based on lies and only half the truth. i hope the voters don't fall for you because you spin worse than bill clinton.

2:58 PM, September 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harvey Edwards just wanted publicity for his campaign so he attacked the candidate getting the most press.

He should be focusing on his opponents not candidates for Lite Guv.

2:59 PM, September 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You two get a room.

Two questions, if anyone "in the know" wishes to respond:

1. If Holt is so Godly, why didn't God bless him with a victory over Lambert-Lincoln?

2. Where does Pritt go to church? Does he believe God created him gay?

10:10 PM, September 11, 2005  
Anonymous Drew Pritt said...

2.) The answer is I am a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas. At this time I choose not to share where I attend services frequently because churches have been picketted often by members of the lunatic fringe on both sides of the political spectrum.

I believe God created me as he does everyone else in a unique image. You wish to ask an emotional question, to get an emotional response.

Yes, I am gay. Yes, this is who I am genetically and naturally. Yes, I believe I was created in God's image. I also am caucasian. I also have 10 fingers, 10 toes, nose, mouth, eyes, brain. Yes I have been created in a unique form and part of that is that I am gay.

Now, I don't wish to continue this conversation further, because Mark Moore as moderator actually shies from this topic. A while back we tried to have a legitimate and intelligent conversation and debate when I guest contributed here. Although many discussed it without attacking, Mr. Moore chose to pull the plug because he claimed most of the other "contributors" were uncomfortable. In short, this is a discussion neither for this place any further than what I have said nor at this present time.

Also, faith is more than attending church. Attending church is a discipline of faith. But salvation comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. It comes from daily walking with him in our lives, seeking his forgiveness when we fall, and truly being a child of God. So to ask where I attend church does nothing than to reinforce that I am practicing a discipline (tenet) of that faith.

7:15 AM, September 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Job was so righteous, why did his ten children get murdered and all his wealth get stolen?
Mr. Holt has suffer his defeat as Job did. Maybe this election, God will bless his righteousness with the office of Lt. Gov.
Mr Pritt answered your second question and I will respond to his answer.
Ah yes the Episcopal church an offshoot of the church of England created for the express purpose of allowing King Henry the VIII to divorce his wife. He went on to divorce another and behead two of his six wives. Quite an example of sexual and moral restraint the founder of your church. I guess God made him an adulterer and murderer so that his actions were okay as you claim yours are. Actually God created Adam, and Adam corrupted himself by disobeying God. Adam passed his sin nature down to you and it manifest itself through you in your sodomy. It manifest itself in others through their actions of rape, murder, stealing, coveting, etc. God has nothing to do with you being a sodomite, nor did he create the murderer, rapist are any other sinful action. God calls us to forsake and abandon our Adamic sin nature and put on the nature of Christ who lived above and without sin. I ask you to put aside your sodomy and walk in the newness of the life that the Christ that you acknowledge can strengthen you to do.

3:01 PM, September 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 3:01

That is actually a pretty wise post. Conceptually and technically you are quite correct. However, you might have used less abrasive language than "sodomite" with someone you are trying to reach for Christ.

3:59 PM, September 12, 2005  
Anonymous Drew Pritt said...

First of all, I am not a Sodomite. I am a child of God saved by the blood of Christ. Yes, I sin as do you and all of creation.

Second of all, you attack Henry VIII as an adulterer and murderer so wistfully. Yet you must remove the plank from your own eye, brother (or sister) since David, a man after God's own heart too was an adulterer and murderer.

The Episcopal Church is not an off shoot of the Church of England. I can concur from your writing style you are not familiar with those denominations of the faith who are episcopal (ruled by Bishops - ie : Anglican, Episcopal, Roman Catholic, Methodist, and AME). Nor do you seem to be acquainted with denominations that are liturgical, not evangelical.

The Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Communion. Its from this communion that some of the greatest ministers (John Wesley) and theologians (C.S. Lewis) have been a part. We were NOT created when you stated. The Church of England actually arose when Henry VIII's successor, Elizabeth I, was ruler. The Pope in Rome attempted to assasinate her and she withdrew the Church of England from Roman rule for obvious reasons, but only after a majority of Bishops had sanctioned the split.

The Episcopal Church in America, came from the time of the first colonists. Its a rich tradition with a church that views every argument in the faith with a policy of 1.) What is Scriptural. 2.) What is Tradition. 3.) Where does the Holy Spirit guide.

You may argue and say that the Scripture is without fault. Yet thank God, some faith denominations see that words while inspired by the Holy Spirit and therefore infallible, when transcribed from Aramaic, to Hebrew, to Greek, to Latin, to Old English, to....well you get the general idea, may have not been as infallible.

This is why our church has female Bishops and ministers. This is why our church sees a ministry is in all of us, the priesthood of the believer. This is why our faith teaches that faith itself and the Christian walk BEGINS, does not end, with redemption at the altar rail.

This is why our faith teaches us to keep that which is holy and sacred, holy and sacred. That is why our faith teaches us to constantly learn and test the spirits, as the scripture commands us, not to accept everything by one man's interpretation.

If you wish to debate the merits of fellow Christians then by all means, my brother (or sister) in Christ let us begin. But you must, as our faith implores, enter with an open mind and an open heart.

I close with the words that were spoken in the ancient church and we still to this day say to one another....PEACE be with you.

Please consider carefully those words.

8:23 PM, September 12, 2005  
Blogger terrymcdermott said...

This blog has really got off course. But since Drew advises us to use our words carefully, he should do the same. He has called a heratic many times. And I have never made any Anti-Catholic statements on any of post.

Anyway, This thread was supposed to be about Calhoun dropping out of the Lt. Governor's race. I think that the key to this race is in the Republican Primary. I think that either Holt or Banks will get the Republican Nomination. And the Democrat candidate will be badly defeated in the General Election.

As I have stated on my blog, I don't think Pritt will be able to raise the money for his filing fee. However if he does, Pritt will be lucky to get 1% of the vote.

9:42 PM, September 12, 2005  
Anonymous Drew Pritt said...

Mr. McDermott, first of all I never called anyone a heratic to my knowledge. If you can show me, then we can debate or discuss what was said and meant.

Second, you show a very controlling behavior. Yes, the thread began about Calhoun, others mentioned me, and then the thread took its natural course.

Finally, you offer no proof to say I'll not be able to raise the filing fee. I have twice been on ballots and paid the filing fee. I own my own business. Furthermore, to say I get 1% at best is just plain stupid and shows your ignorance of the political process.

Sir, you tried to gain publicity yourself by challenging me to a boxing match, which is absurd and bizarre. However, I have found in society, those that cannot overcome or convince by way of intelligent thought and discussion try to turn to physical means. It doesn't work like that in a democracy.

11:58 PM, September 12, 2005  
Anonymous Drew Pritt said...

Also, Terry, if you meant I have called people a "heretic", then yes I have because the definition is :

"A person who holds controversial theological opinions, especially one who publicly dissents from the officially accepted dogma of the Roman Catholic Church."

One could even argue that the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion are heretics.


What I said is truth. I defended my faith and explained its history, belief structure, and placement in the body of Christ. Can you tell me how you can contravene that explanation?

12:03 AM, September 13, 2005  
Blogger terrymcdermott said...

I feel that I have nothing to explain to you. I just gave my opinion on the Lt. Governors race. If I am wrong then I am wrong.

I really think that the winner of the Republican Primary will win the General Election. I think you will be defeated because of your conduct and name calling.

You have made many comments on several blogs,insulting those who oppose you. I think this alone will damage you in the Democratic Primary.

6:19 AM, September 13, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will damage me to speak my mind, or to defend my beliefs? Last time I checked, Mr. McDermott, that was a point of valour and of courage, not a mark of shame. Now if you wish me to be indecisive or disingenuous, then I am not your man.

Because of unprovoked and unwarranted attacks upon me, my character, my family's name, and my faith, some by you sir, I have had to be defensive. I have done so, without emotion, and solely on my side of the issue or the facts. If you feel that this is a detriment, I suggest you sir not sling mud, then cry foul.

6:52 PM, September 13, 2005  
Blogger terrymcdermott said...

I am not slinging mud, just making a prediction. You will be defeated badly in the Democtratic Primary. I think the next Lt. Governor will be Banks or Holt. This is my opinion.

7:17 PM, September 13, 2005  
Anonymous Drew Pritt said...

It was slinging mud to say I was in a parade I never was in. It was slinging mud to spread malicious statements made about me, without any merit or proof. It was slinging mud and don't try to shirk accountability for this, Mr. McDermott. You decided to publicly attack me.

I have chosen to defend myself and my name.

10:28 PM, September 13, 2005  
Blogger terrymcdermott said...

What I wrote about you, which I already stated, was based on comments made by the bloggers of Arkansas Times Online. They were not lies made up from my imagination. But I will say this I will never support a homo-sexual for public office. My hope is that true Christians, like Jim Holt and Roy Moore will be elected to public office.

11:15 PM, September 13, 2005  
Blogger terrymcdermott said...

Also I will not make anymore comments about Drew on this thread. From now on all my opinions on Mr. Pritt will be made on my own blog.

On my blog I support and oppose candidates for public office.

11:27 PM, September 13, 2005  
Anonymous Drew Pritt said...

Mr. McDermott, remember that the Bible says to whom mercy is shown, mercy will be given.

Jesus Christ said love your neighbor as fully as you love God.

The Bible also says to remove the plank from your own eye, before you try to remove the splinter from a brother.

In short, sir, you cannot claim the mantle of Christ and yet go against EVERYTHING else that Christian doctrine teaches us. I never harmed you sir. Yet from day one, you purposefully and relentlessly assasinate my character and attack me.

Thats not true Christianity. Thats more the faith of the self-righteous hypocrites that Christ preached against.

Finally, you did lie sir. The posts on the Arkansas Times blog were undocumented, many times exagerrated, or outright lies. You also claimed to have seen me in a parade in Crossett in your hometown, that later you had to admit you had never seen, since I was not there.

In short, you sir, have sins equally as great as mine. So let me deal with my splinter, while you take care of that log!

7:57 AM, September 14, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The word “sodomite” is a biblical term. If it is abrasive, I can’t help that. Ideas are communicated by words which have definitions. If the enemy is allowed to define and dictate the words that we use, then we have lost the debate before it is begun. To allow words such as “gay”, “Homosexual” and “lesbian” to supplant sodomite is to separate the condemnation of God that the word “Sodomite” naturally implies through its’ root word “Sodom”: one of the cities that God himself destroyed because their sin was very grievous. Therefore I will not white wash Sodomy by using other terms for it.

Mr. Pritt the difference between Henry VIII and David is that David repented of his sin whereas Henry VIII continued in his sin unto the day of his death. His sixth wife was nearly beheaded as well. The question is will you be like David and turn from your sins.

Ezek. 33:14 Again, when I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; if he turn from his sin, and do that which is lawful and right;
15 If the wicked restore the pledge, give again that he had robbed, walk in the statutes of life, without committing iniquity; he shall surely live, he shall not die.
16 None of his sins that he hath committed shall be mentioned unto him: he hath done that which is lawful and right; he shall surely live.

What do you say. Why don’t you forsake your sin and let’s forget about this hole thing.

P.S. you stated that the Episcopalian church is part of the Anglican Communion. The Anglican Communion is the Church of England. The Episcopalians broke with the Anglicans during the revolutionary war. Elizabeth I did not succeed Henry VIII. She succeeded Bloody Mary her half sister who tried to reestablish Catholicism by killing the Arch Bishop of Canterbury and others. Elizabeth I “restored” her father’s church.

If scripture is fallible as you claim. Can I make God in my image as you seem to be doing instead of conforming to his word.

10:06 AM, September 14, 2005  
Anonymous Harvey Edwards said...

I vowed to never get into squabbles with Pritt, but I must say a few things even if it is harsh. I would urge anyone who doesnt want to receive a lesson in moral and religious behavior. Then dont get into it with Mr Pritt. He uses the same contorted reasonings to explain his moral behavior as right. Terry we might as well keep our views away from someone who is apparently deranged. I offered support to him when I heard him say he was a Christian, but yanked back my hand when I found out that his views are a distortion of true Christian Belief.
Now, I know anonymous will be saying that I am harsh, At my Church we prefer not to ruin the word gay by demeaning it. We do use the word sodomite because of the definition it has. Thats my opinion and is not open to debate.

10:45 AM, September 14, 2005  
Blogger terrymcdermott said...

Recently The Church of England condemend the American Episcopalians for their support of Gay Marriages.

2:19 PM, September 14, 2005  
Anonymous Drew Pritt said...

You know have stated your opinion and I have stated mine. Should I die tonight, I can stand before God with a clear conscience. If you think you can, then thats between you and God.

But you and no other mortal has a right to pass judgement upon someone else and their one. That is the perogative of God and God alone. If you wish to harden your heart and be self-righteous, I give you this final warning.

Read about when God will separate mankind at the end. Look at the attitude you take and the attitude I have taken. Mine is one of humility and seeks to serve God. You are proud, haughty, and seek to speak for God. Turn away from your sinfulness brothers, and return to the walk together with all of us who seek Christ daily.

2:25 PM, September 14, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

Mr. Pritt, I am not judging you. You may or maynot be saved. I Don't know. This I know your fruit is not Christian. God condemns your actions. I am just giving you a warning.
Oh, aren’t you the one that keeps saying that others have a beam in their eye while you have only a speck in yours. That smacks of a Holier than thou attitude to me.

3:12 PM, September 14, 2005  
Blogger terrymcdermott said...

Boy are in for a surprise if you think you will stand before God with a clear conscience.All men from Adam to the last baby born will one day face God, and every knee will bow and every tounge will confess. No one will face God with a clear conscience.

The scriptures show that several people saw Christ in his glorified body. All of them fainted, and the Lord had to tell them to "Fear not!"

The only ones who will be spared from God's wrath will the ones who accepted Jesus Christ. No Mr. Pritt you will not stand before God will a clear conscience. None of us will!

4:51 PM, September 14, 2005  
Blogger Mr. Toast said...

I think he meant a seared conscience.

5:37 PM, September 14, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:15 PM, September 15, 2005  
Anonymous Drew Pritt said...

Uh huh and since when was Mormon a Christian faith? You don't even accept Christ as the son of God!!!!

Theres no need for a sequel to the Bible. So take your hate speech elsewhere. By the way, is your church still banning African-Americans?

1:39 PM, September 15, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theres a new poll out. Holt is at 33% and is far ahead of Matayo and Banks.

Wooldridge leads the dems but Hathorn and Pritt are not far behind. It's like 27-21-17 breakdown.

3:11 PM, September 15, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phallasion- there is no such book. Mr. Pritt are you trying to pull a parody here by posting under anonymous then answering youself.

3:21 PM, September 15, 2005  
Anonymous Drew Pritt said...

No sir, I am not. I do check this blog off and on. When I post, I post under my name. Also, I do not pull the parody and anonymous mess. NOR would I ever, even in jest, purport myself to be Mormon.

I believe the Mormon Church is a cult and anti-Christian and cringe everytime I hear them say Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

4:08 PM, September 15, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Drew, you take the bait every time. Is it always the other people's fault that we still have multile threads on rationalizing your sexual preferences? Rise above the fray or something.

I am locking this thread. I think the commenter above is a troll. There is no such book in the book of Mormon. Good grief, he is baiting you- that is because it is easy fun for them.

6:42 PM, September 15, 2005  

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