Thursday, October 20, 2005

Clinton Victims to Protest at His Library!

By Mark Moore (click "comments" below for article).


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Arkansas Watch has learned that prominent women victims of disgraced, impeached ex-President Bill Clinton will attempt to take a "tour" at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock.

This is from a press release about the event:
"Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey will visit the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum later this month to draw attention to the former president’s treatment of women. They will be accompanied on the tour by attorney and author Candice E. Jackson.

Broaddrick and Willey have both accused Clinton of assaulting them. Broaddrick alleges that then-Governor Clinton raped her during a conference in Little Rock in 1978, and Willey says that Clinton sexually assaulted her when she worked in the White House in 1993. Both also charge that Clinton’s inner circle—including wife Hillary Rodham Clinton—subsequently attempted to pressure and intimidate them into silence.

“Juanita, Kathleen, and I will be touring the Clinton Library to see firsthand how it portrays Bill and Hillary Clinton’s treatment of women,” says Jackson, an outspoken feminist and author of “Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine” (World Ahead Publishing; hardcover $25.95; ISBN 0974670138). “The Clintons have crafted a public image of supporting women’s rights, and yet they have both used their power to intimidate and attack women whom they viewed as politically inconvenient.”

Willey claims she was subjected to a series of physical and verbal threats intended to pressure her to keep the assault in the Oval Office secret, and Broaddrick says three weeks after being raped she was approached at an event by a forceful Hillary who thanked her for “everything that you do” for Bill. Jackson notes that many other women have also reported similar treatment at the hands of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Broaddrick, Willey, and Jackson plan to visit the Clinton Library on October 26.

According to former State Senator Peggy Jeffries, the group will assemble in front of the Library around 9:30. They will attempt to tour at 10:00. The Eagle Forum of Arkansas will hold a "Dutch Treat" Get Together after the tour on the Plaza above the food court near the library.

11:43 AM, October 20, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Here is some gripping reading from "Sell Out" by David Shippers on how the Predator-In-Chief dealt with his victims when they got out of line........

....bad things happened after Willey was subpoeaned to give a deposition in the Paula Jones case. This story was even more shocking than the President's alleged assault on a married woman.

.....Gecker conveyed this to Willey. She was frightened and convinced that if she testified she would be indicted by Janet Reno's Justice Department. She had seen how Billy Dale of the White House Travel Office had actually been indicted and tried for crimes he had not committed, reportedly because he had gotten in the way of the Clinton administration. She had seen the smears and attacks on Paula Jones. To add to her fears, she felt intimidated by events that followed.

Shortly before her January 10 deposition, Willey came out of her Virginia home to find all of her tires flat. Her mechanic asked, "Who the hell did you tick off? Your tires were flattened with a nail gun."

In another incident, a man called -- supposedly from the local electric company -- saying her electricity would be turned off that evening so they could run some tests. Later that afternoon, she called the electric company to find out how long the tests would last. She was told there was no plan to interrupt service and no record of anyone calling her.

Kathleen lives in a semirural area. The anonymous caller was reminding her that she was vulnerable and alone.

As the deposition got closer, the intimidation increased. One day her cat, Bullseye, disappeared. On January 8, two days before she was to testify, Willey was walking her dogs in a secluded area early in the morning. A man in a jogging suit approached her. JOGGER: Good morning, did you ever find your cat?

WILLEY: No, we haven't found her yet.

JOGGER: That's too bad. Bullseye was his name, wasn't it? [This shocks Willey, because she has not revealed the cat's name to anyone.]

JOGGER: Did you ever get those tires fixed?

WILLEY: They're fine [Kathleen starts to edge away and look around for help.]

JOGGER: So,---and---[Willey's children's first names]? [Kathleen walks faster toward her house.]

JOGGER: And our attorney, Dan, is he okay?

WILLEY: He's fine

JOGGER: I hope you're getting the message.

Willey was terrified. She turned and ran. The jogger called after her, "You're just not getting the message, are you?"

As a result of that meeting, Kathleen feared that she, her children, and her lawyer were at risk of physical harm. She told Gecker about the jogger but didn't mention the not-too-veiled threat against Gecker himself. As she put it, "He was my only hope--I didn't want to lose him." Willey confessed that even during the deposition she was contemplating whether to lie or to tell the truth and possibly suffer terrible consequences.

The deposition began as scheduled. However, before the questioning began, the President's lawyer said, "You know, I've talked to the President, and he just thinks the world of you. You don't really think this was sexual harassment. It wasn't unwelcome, was it."

"Not only was it unwelcome, it was unexpected."

In the room during the deposition were the court reporter, the Jones attorneys, the President's attorney, Daniel Gecker, Kathleen Willey, and the presiding judge.

Gecker saw that Willey was nervous. When the Jones attorneys asked about the incident in the Oval Office, she looked terrified. Gecker asked for a short recess to consult with his client. He took Kathleen aside and told her they were about to go into the heart of the subject.

"Kathleen, there is no turning back, what are you going to do."

"I'm going to tell the truth, the whole truth," she answered, with tears in her eyes. She went back and answered every question put to her.

The next morning, Willey stepped outside to pick up the newspaper. There on the porch, within a few feet of the front door, the skull of a small animal lay facing her.

I asked Willey if she would be willing to testify. As she looked at Gecker, I could see real fear in her eyes. He said it was up to her.

I confessed that we couldn't vouch for the tactics of the President's lawyers, but we would not embarrass her.

Okay, if I'm subpoenaed, I'll testify."

Because of that meeting, we planned to have Kathleen Willey and Dan Gecker as witnesses at the Senate impeachment trial.

11:54 AM, October 20, 2005  
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