Friday, December 09, 2005

Groups Pressured to Endorse Bond Proposal

By Debbie Pelley (click "comments" below for article).


Blogger Debbie Pelley said...

Political Sleaze Necessitates Keeping Voter Rights on Bond Indebtedness

(Another political ploy taking place about this time at University of Arkansas – see last paragraph)

The law setting up the highway bond proposal was quietly and speedily passed through the legislature. It was one of those issues that legislators described as “the train having already left the station before the bill comes to the floor.” Several legislators and organizations later said they did not understand the negative aspects of this bill like taking away the voter’s constitutional right to vote each and every time the state attempts to incur bond indebtedness or the exorbitant amount of interest and bonding fees. This was the reason for the speedy quiet passage. This is real democracy at work – all about the welfare of the citizens!

An email revealed that the Chamber of Commerce made the decision to support the highway bond plan not on its merits but to avoid retaliation. A quote from a Chamber of Commerce email reported in a newspaper article revealed this fact. “Whether to support the interstate bond program is ‘the difficult decision” Hall wrote. Opposing it ‘certainly would create risks,’ he wrote. The governor would obviously be disturbed as well as the Highway Commission.’ … ‘A key factor in making a decision like this is its impact on our future relationship with the Legislature and the governor,’ Hall wrote”. Note that the Chamber of Commerce email was not concerned with the welfare of the Arkansas citizens but with political influence.

Former Senator Yates, who served on Governor Huckabee’s staff, had this to say in a letter published in the Democrat Gazette, “Mike Huckabee says that the people can take it back any time they want to. That is a bunch of crap. Once it has been put in place, the highway commissioners, non-elected, non-accountable, will threaten every legislator with building no roads in their district if they vote to repeal it. I served and have watched those tactics used to force legislators to keep their mouths shut.”

It appears we are going to witness more raw politics at work. Recently the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, Huckabee appointees all, decided to limit its political involvement in the December 13 bond elections to endorsement of the college bonds and not support the highway bonds. Earlier this morning, Dec. 9, a rumor was sent out saying a special called Board of Trustees meeting is in the works for the trustees to be given a chance to vote on an endorsement of the highway bonds. An email an hour later said the UA System has announced the Board of Trustees conference call at 4 p.m. today to “consider a resolution which supports the highway bond issue.” I am sure we can all rest assured the trustees’ concerns will be all about the welfare of the citizens of Arkansas.

Only by voting No on the Highway Bond Plan, can the voters keep their right to vote and their right to protect their own interests and welfare.

9:17 PM, December 09, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a blog and Republican establishment conspiracy against Arkansas Watch and Jim Holt. I have been personally told about it and have seen it with my own eyes.

1:45 PM, December 10, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to not belive so much in the conspiracy ideas until I witnessed it. As a columnist I was told that if I couldnt support the bond issue , I should just not comment on it. If I chose to argue against the proposal I could expect to be black listed by the Republican elite. So I chose to stay quite simply avoiding the issue for less news worthy items

6:03 PM, December 10, 2005  
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