Monday, February 06, 2006

White County Judge Says Bebee Not Enforcing Law

White County Judge Bob Parrish, a Republican, has alledged that Attorney General Mike Bebee is playing favorites in a way that costs counties.

Parrish says the dispute revolves around judges for city courts failing to assess minor fines that should go to the counties. "Act 1188 of 2003 says that each person that pleads guilty in ALL city courts should be assessed a $5 fine that goes to the county. It is a state law." He also cites act 1373 of 2003

In White County, Bebee's home county, Parrish says the city judges are not assessing the fines. He notes the lawyers of the guilty defendents are buddies with the city judges, and buddies of Mike Bebee's. His office has complained to the Attorney General's office, but Parrish feels that the AG's office under Bebee has not made an adequate effort to defend Arkansas Law.

"The cities say that the counties are not their boss. OK, but the state is, and the state law says assess the fine." The case is winding its way through the courts on appeal.


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