Friday, April 21, 2006

Vital Statewide Races: State Supreme Court

Perhaps the two most vital votes to be held on May 23rd are those for State Supreme Court Justice. Judicial elections are held on a "non-partisan" basis. That means they appear on both Democratic and Republican primary ballots. The winner is usually determined right there. This time it will be. Folks who only vote in November will not get the chance to vote on what may be the most important races on the ballot.

Judge Roger Harrod is running against the incumbant, Judge Don Corbin. All I need to know about this race is that Corbin voted to uphold the Lakeview decision every time and Harrod has questioned the propriety of the courts taking it up again. That means Corbin has an expansive view of judicial power and needs the boot. Harrod may still have a bit more of an expansive view than Chief Justice Hannah and Justice Gunter (they are the only two who ruled correctly in the Lakeview case). We will see. All I know for sure is that the people need to send the judges a clear message about Judicial over-reach and this would be a great way to do it.

The other race lacks an incumbant so it is a bit more problematic. Judge Paul Danielson seems more qualified, but we like some things about Judge Wendell Griffen too. Especially Griffen's view that Judges should be free to discuss their views on political matters. Since he believes that, we wonder if he'd let us know where HE stands on Lakeview.

Even if Danielson is the best man for the job, Griffen is right about this one. Sure we have elections for judges, but the judges hide behind their so-called "ethical code" that says they can't talk about any issues. You have little or nothing to go on when deciding who to vote for. After they get in though, they sure don't mind making expansive rulings on those issues that they would not talk about during the campaign!

Anyone have some info on where these gentlemen might stand in regard to these matters?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Danielson is very conservative and would make a great judge. Griffin is a racist and has called for slave reperations - he hates whites and is extremely liberal. Pleeeasse don't vote for Griffin. Roger Harrod is also a good vote.

6:31 PM, April 21, 2006  
Blogger kw's blog said...

How can we help Judge Roger Harrod's campaign?

6:32 PM, April 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4

Article 5

5:56 AM, April 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doug Matayo removed any doubt yesterday about whether he could be an effective leader. As he often brags about being Governor Huckabee's floor leader, he must now accept responsibility for failure. When the House swiftly and easily overrode the Governor's veto on Frifay, Leader Matayo delivered only 12 GOP and 1 DEM vote to sustain the Governor. That's right folks, only 11 of our 28 representatives followed Matayo in this fight. Even Mark Martin wouldn't follow him.

Is it any wonder that Governor Huckabee HAS NOT ENDORSED someone who claims to be his House floor leader. Matayo failed our party on Friday. His career will come to an inglorious end on May 23rd

6:56 AM, April 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

was anyone taking matayo seriously to begin with? why is he even running? he's got single digit poll numbers and zero chance of even being in a run off.

9:45 AM, April 22, 2006  
Anonymous 21st majority said...

Do not vote for Griffen. He is a very liberal judge. Most likely, he would stand right beside Corbin. Just like 6:31 said, he has called for slave reparations and is extremely liberal. There is a reason he lost the last race. There may be a point in letting the judiciary more political, but Griffen motives is so he can impose a more radical liberal position, but not be able to be attracted. Please do not vote or give money to Griffen. Danielson is far better. He will show judicial restraint and get the Supreme Court out on making laws. Danielson is the one for the court. Please vote Danielson not Griffen.

11:24 AM, April 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Graham thank Matayo have chant.

1:25 PM, April 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger Harrod would not make a good judge. He has been a judge for a year and has never done any sort of criminal law. Seriously... Justice Corbin on the other hand has been a Justice for 15 years. All judges run non-partisan, not to hide from any sort of questioning but their job is to interprete the law and shouldnt let their political parties influence them. Have any of yall actually read the Lakeview case... if you knew anything about the law it would clearly be understood that is was decided on correctly... it was unconstitutional. Dont base your opinions about one cantidate over a position they took on a case. Look at the experience along with other cases they have decided on. I am voting for Justice Don Corbin for Re-election to the Arkansas Supreme Court!!!!

2:39 PM, May 06, 2006  
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