Monday, May 22, 2006

Animal Farm: Pigs and Farmers Look Alike on Illegals

In the famous read "Animal Farm" the animals had a revolution and kicked out the farmer overlords. Over time though, the Pigs manipulated their way to the top of the animal heap and exploited their subjects in much the same way as the farmers had done. By the end of the book, the Farmers and the Pigs got together in a room to negotiate peace, and they wound up all looking alike to the betrayed farm animals.

So it is with the illegal immigration issue. In this John Brummett column, we have Brummett actually praising Karl Rove, the Bush Administration, and Ted Kennedy together. The day John Brummett praises a "conservative administration" is the day you know that the administration is not conservative.

JB assures us that the people want border control and citizenship for illegals "simultaneously". In a bit of revisionism, he notes that the failed 1986 amnesty only gave citizenship, it did not control the border. True John, but at the time they PROMISED to control the border, just like this time. It was supposed to be a "one and only" time deal.

This is one of those really important "core issues" where the people are granted only the illusion of choice- and if they choose "wrong" they must choose again. There is big money for some big people riding on this one. On this one, the Pigs and the Farmers all look alike.


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