Sunday, May 28, 2006

Crack in the Establishment Dam: Idaho Eagle Forum Endorses 3rd Party Candidate for Congress

Idaho Eagle Forum endorses Paul Smith of the Constitution Party for Idaho's 1st Congressional seat.

We believe that Paul will best represent the wishes of the people of Idaho and stand for our GREAT REPUBLIC. He stands behind the Constitution and for our freedoms as a nation.

Idaho Eagle Forum is not leaving the Republican Party, we believe that Paul is the best choice of the candidates running for the 1st Congressional seat.

Many people feel that the Club for Growth has robbed Idaho. The Club threw in $483,000 to get Sali in because he was their choice and would further their pro-growth goals. We heard on the TV debates that Club for Growth spent $200,000 trying to defeat Butch Otter when he ran for Congress.

*** Club for Growth is for the guest-worker program that could bring in up to 193 million more people in this country by 2026. We are told that they want open borders and cheap labor.

*** Club for Growth is for NAFTA, CAFTA and the FTAA trade agreements that are destroying our economy. ( and Mexico's )

The national Eagle Forum and Idaho Eagle Forum are against the trade agreements, open borders and the guest-worker program. NOW YOU KNOW WHY IDAHO EAGLE FORUM CAN NOT SUPPORT BILL SALI.

After this last election we now have many Republicans that will leave our party or not vote at all.

We want to encourage everyone to consider and vote for Paul Smith, and not to feel that they have lost out. Paul stands for the same values as Idaho Eagle Forum.

I sent an e-mail out earlier today that gave an eye opening view of how our government is being controlled by special interest groups. Let us NOT ALLOW IDAHO to fall into their trap. We need to choose who we want to represent us not some special interest group with their POT OF GOLD !!!


Thank You,
Jane Lesko, Idaho Eagle Forum


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