Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Democrat-Gazette Tries Fear Mongering to Divide GOP Ticket

The Democrat-Gazette's editorial pages have figured out that Senator Jim Holt is not afraid of their e'fete little candy-cabooses. They tried to smear, bully, and intimidate him, to no effect. They may have even figured out that the people have grown tired of their haurangs about how they "have to" vote. Either that or the people don't listen to their leftist drivel. So now they have taken to aiming their missives at the only audience in this state who might still take them seriously- the political class of both parties.

In today's editorial, the Daily Fishwrap tries to bully Asa Hutchinson out of campaigning with Senator Jim Holt. If Holt is not scared of them, and the people are not scared of them, then maybe they think Asa will be. They go on and on about how they THOUGHT Asa was a reasonable man, but if he supports JIM HOLT! then he can't possibly be!

Their heavy-handed efforts are as transparent as they are mistaken.

Of course, the folks who came out against the marriage amendment are having a hard time making the case that Holt is really "extreme" on anything, other than his devotion to the same values that most voters in Arkansas believe in.

Asa, Holt and everyday Arkansans should have the very same answer to the liberals at the Democrat-Gazette, regardless if a Phillips or Flathead type is used.


Blogger Harvey Edwards said...

I have said it all along we need a Asa/Holt team, we will have it and you folks already know what I think of the Liberal media .

10:57 PM, May 31, 2006  
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