Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Endorsements For State Supreme Court

"Stick the hook in real deep"
Supreme Court Nominee D. Corbin Says

You must vote in the Primary May 23 to vote for the Supreme Court Justices
They are non partisan so you vote on them in the Primary not the General Election
Early Voting is in Process at this time

There are four Supreme Court positions to be filled in next week’s elections. Arkansans only have a choice in two of those positions since no one is running against two of the incumbents.

Please Vote For These Two Supreme Court Justices
Roger Harrod
Paul Danielson
(See reasons, click "Wednesday" below)


Blogger Debbie Pelley said...

Donald Corbin is one of the two incumbents running for Arkansas Supreme Court Justice in this election. During oral arguments in the Lake View case in January 2004, Corbin said, “I don’t want to let anybody off the hook. I want to stick the hook in real deep, so they’ll know at least one judge won’t put up with this again.”

Only educators, parents, and children of consolidated districts, (students now riding the bus 1 hr and 45 minutes one way to school) and economically disadvantaged taxpayers understand just how really painful that hook has been.

I am appealing to you to go vote AGAINST Donald Corbin in the Primary May 23 and send a message to the Arkansas Supreme Court that we don't want judicial tyranny in Arkansas – judicial tyranny that not only takes our freedom away but also robs our pocketbooks. The decision in the Lakeview case cost Arkansas another 1% sales tax. Corbin, a 15-year veteran of the court, was one of the strongest supporters of declaring the level of school funding to be unconstitutional on grounds that it was not adequate.

Please Vote FOR Roger Harrod. Harrod, running against Justice Donald Corbin, said he simply disagrees with the court’s decision in June 2005 to reopen the landmark Lake View school funding case. He says the court was out of line and without authority.

“To me, that is playing havoc with our separation of powers,” Harrod said. “Just taking jurisdiction where the Constitution does not give you that jurisdiction is a dangerous precedent, I believe.”

Harrod said, “I think the majority opinion in the Lake View case to recall the mandate was just wrong referring to the court’s June 9, 2005, decision."

Harrod, who became Maumelle district judge in January 2005, said he believes the court lacked the authority to make that ruling.

Harrod said he also disagrees with Corbin’s “tone” in addressing other branches of government. During oral arguments in the Lake View case in January 2004, Corbin said, “I don’t want to let anybody off the hook. I want to stick the hook in real deep, so they’ll know at least one judge won’t put up with this again.”

That is not “a proper think for a justice from the bench to say and do,” Harrod said.

“I thought it showed a lack of respect for another equal branch of government,” Harrod said.

Harrod graduated from Ouachita Baptist University.

Paul Danielson vs Wendell Griffen

Following are some of the reasons I am asking you to vote for Paul Danielson: Quotes from article at these two links:

"In the other contested race for Supreme Court Justice, Betty Dickey is barred by the state Constitution from running for re-election. Paul Danielson vs Wendell Griffen
are vying to replace Betty Dickey who is barred by the State Constitution from running for re-election."

"Griffen endorsed an effort to increase the state’s minimum wage, and he’s said he supports a woman’s right to an abortion. He has come under scrutiny by the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission, the regulator of the state’s judges, for speaking out on what he saw as the University of Arkansas’ poor record on racial issues."
"Addressing the Arkansas NAACP convention in Conway, Griffen would take potshots at the president of the United States, the vice president, the “Christian Right” (he described Pat Robertson, James Dobson and Jerry Falwell as “pimps of piety” ), an associate justice of the U. S. Supreme Court (Clarence Thomas ), and the late President Reagan. And he wound up blaming just about everybody for the devastation Katrina wreaked in New Orleans except Democrats. In short, there was scarcely a political, religious, or racial prejudice of his audience the judge didn’t milk, like the expert showman he is.
"By now Wendell Griffen, who’s currently a member of the state’s Court of Appeals, has taken outspoken, not to say outrageous, stands on everything from abortion to the minimum wage. Judge Griffen should have disqualified himself long ago from deciding any case that might involve race or the University of Arkansas, having thrown himself with considerable abandon into the statewide hullabaloo that ensued when Nolan Richardson was fired as the university’s basketball coach."

Please Vote Conservative in the May 23 Primary!
Roger Harrod
Paul Danielson

Pass this information on to your friends!

Debbie Pelley

8:41 AM, May 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corbin must be putting out a lot of money. I hear his ads all over TV and received a call from him today. I notice Max Brantely called the call "sleazy" on his blogspot. I sure hope people get out and vote him out of office. He truly is bad news for Arkansas. I just wish the other two justices had opponents. We really need to do something about the judicial tyranny in Arkansas.

9:22 PM, May 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is unfair to elect the judges in the primaries. It catches people off guard. I thought we would not be voting on them until November. It just doesn't seem right to elect officials that important to the state in the primary when there are so few voters as compared with the general election.

9:24 PM, May 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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