Thursday, May 25, 2006

It is Starting to Sink In: Holt IS Mainstream on Issues

The media is finally starting to get it. As usual, they are behind the people because they mostly talk to each other and "movers and shakers". These are ultra-conformist subcultures within our society. That means they all tend to look at things the same way within that group and see their group's viewpoints as the only possible rational and legitimate view.

After Holt rocks-their-world with another strong election showing they get stunned out of their illusions for a while and print articles like this excellent Doug Thompson piece where it is admitted that Holt can't be that far out of the mainstream after all. Why maybe, just maybe THEY are the ones out of touch with the common citizen.

Of course they are stunned right now, but as they go back to their insular lives, without any election to pop their bubbles, I predict they will revert to form and start calling Jim Holt an "extremist" again. This can only mean that the Republican Party of Arkansas is extremist, since they have twice voted Holt in with solid majorities, and this time against quality opposition with big bucks.

So I expect them to go to sleep for a few nights and then wake up pretending it never happened. They will return to their insular world where everyone is satisfied with the status quo. A world where the solution to the illegal alien crisis is to just make them all "guest workers" and sign them up for social programs until the money runs out. A world that can't be bothered with the blood of innocent babies and abortion. A world where it is perfectly OK if government continues to grow faster than people's incomes, and the state makes all decisions for all schools. They are unconcerned that homosexuals are becoming foster parents, and they usually agree with the liberal agenda that judges are imposing on this country.

I expect them to revert to form, forget this ever happened, and go back to calling Jim Holt an "extremist" very soon. They will return to their dreamworld and remain there- until November.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Count on Democratic Chairman Jason Willet to try to spin it "Jason Willett, chairman of the state Democratic Party, said Holt adopts core Republican issues, then takes them to extremes. "

Apparently not Jason, he is extreme only in his commitment to those ideas, not the ideas themselves.

6:05 AM, May 25, 2006  

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