Saturday, May 27, 2006

Maumelle State Rep. Primary Outcome Still In Doubt

Doug Ladner has asked for a recount in his GOP primary for State Representative. With only a few overseas ballots to be counted, he apparently lost by nine votes to Ed Garner. The district is one of the most upscale- and Republican- in the state.

Suprisingly, his opponent agreed with the decision to call for a recount. Here is his statement.....

" I just want to empasize the excellent job that the Pulaski County Election Commission has done under horrible conditions. And that the Pulaski County Clerk's office has performed admirably as well. Many voters may "carry over" some of the past problems at the Clerks office and attach their frustrations to Pat O'Brian and his workers but it should be clear that the lack of performance rests with the Secretary of State in not having adaquate timelines in place for the performance of the vender hired to do the job. Unfair to the County employees, many of whom went without sleep and operated under extreme stress... yet pushed on out of a real sense of duty to the public. Unfair to the voters, supporters of the campaigns involved and unfair to the poll workers. Above the personal stress as a candidate, I couldn't have been more proud of the fight that these people waged to get it right.

ES&S shouldn't recieve a nickel of State Funds.....

I have just been informed that my opponent has called for a recount. Given his personal sacrifice and the efforts of his supporters, I think that is entirely appropriate.

This horrible rollercoaster has been engineered by the Secretary of State and ES&S and I hope it ends soon so we can finally focus on issues and challenges facing the people of District 41 and the people of the State of Arkansas rather than this sideshow."
Ed Garner


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