Saturday, May 27, 2006

Most Consolidated Districts Annexed (No representation)

Most of the schools that have been closed down have been black-majority districts. If a private employer laid of mostly black workers he would be likely to face a civil rights law suit. It seems the rules don't apply to the government itself however.

Another disturbing trend about school consolidations is that most of the closing down of facilities (even though this plan was sold as only an "administrative" consolidation) is done in such a way that the smaller district has no representation when the decision to shut them down is made.

This article lays out the facts. "Sixty-seven school districts were required to either be annexed by or consolidate with another district under the 2004 law. Of the 47 schools closed, the report said, 42 of them were annexed - an important point, according to the report, because annexations usually meant a loss of political influence for the smaller districts. "

Riding roughshod over people- white or black- is not the American way. This school "reform" is being conducted in a high-handed and unAmerican manner.


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