Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Paul Greenburg Sends Asa Ominous Warning

Greenberg just sent out an ominous warning to Asa in his recent column: If you don't fall in line, we will do the same thing to you that we have done to Senator Holt! (Article entitled, "Unlikely pair, Asa and Jim Holt" ADG 5/30/06.) And Asa knows it is no empty threat because Greenberg has already used one full article to blast Asa over his support of rural schools.

Greenberg shamelessly talks about Senator Jim Holt using fear tactics. Greenberg knows he has used fear tactics for years to whip legislators in line. Anyone that has been around the legislators knows how deep their fears are of the media and of Greenberg – that is unless they are left of liberal and then they know they are safe and don't have to fear the bashings that Greenberg dishes out daily.

Greenberg talks about how Holt doesn't like anyone different than himself, using the race card in an effort to shame Holt. The real truth is that Greenberg can't stand Holt because Holt is different. Holt dares to challenge the good-ole-boy system and the media; he doesn't play the game like the crafty politicians that Greenberg admires, he dares to represent the people rather than the bureaucracy; and he dares to fight for the little people – like the little kindergarten students who are now riding buses for 3 to 3 ½ hours a day. Because Holt walks to a different drumbeat, and Greenberg has not been able to whip Holt in line, it has driven Greenberg to a frenzy of hate. After all, if one legislator like Holt escapes Greenberg's tanks of venomous ink, there just might be many more that follow.

Now Asa has a choice. Does he stand tall and represent the people and the views of the majority of the citizens in Arkansas and win like Holt did. Or will he go the way of the bureaucrats and satisfy the media and lose. The choice is his. Which will he take?

There is no way Asa can satisfy Paul Greenberg and win on the Republican ticket. Greenberg continually praises such liberals as Senator Jim Argue and Joyce Elliott. He even has kind words for Vic Snyder and says Snyder is NOT radical.

The only real Republican value for which Greenberg supposedly stands is pro-life. Yet he continuously praises and endorses those people who are pro-choice. He endorsed Blanche Lincoln in the last race. Sen. Lincoln voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment and voted with John Kerry 86 percent of the time.

EMILY's list, a radical feminist abortion organization that supports gay activists candidates like California's Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein (and New York's Hillary Clinton), was Lincoln's top contributor in 1995-2000. Lincoln co-sponsored the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act favoring homosexuals and voted to add sexual orientation to the definition of hate crimes, June 2002. She voted for the Hate Crimes Bill which passed the Senate (but not the House) in 2004.

So how can Asa gain the approval of a guy like Greenberg, who praises and endorses the most liberal politicians in Arkansas, and still get the votes of the Republicans in Arkansas? He can't. But he does have a great chance of winning if he chooses the people over the media. I know it is a hard place to be in. But what choice does he have unless he wants to lose the race?

Link to full article by Greenberg

Iris Stevens


Blogger Harvey Edwards said...

How can I get on Greenburgs S*** list. I would consider it a badge of honor. These folks are trying to mold public opinion by their pure Bull. I will have to keep Greenburg in my prayers and hope he is still around in 2008 when I run again.

10:53 PM, May 31, 2006  
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Greenberg shamelessly talks about Senator Jim Holt using fear tactics. Greenberg knows he has used fear tactics for years to whip legislators in line.

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