Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Demo Lt. Gov Primary Gets Rough

The Democratic Primary for Lt. Governor between Senator Tim Wooldridge of Paragould and Bill Halter, obstensibly from Little Rock, has gotten rough.

Jason Willet, the Democratic Chairman, has sent signals that he favors the more liberal Halter. Willet's mentor, Congressman Marion Berry, seems to prefer Wooldridge. All that is ascertainable in this informative John Brummett column- I have to say this was some good writing.

It seems Halter has spent almost all of the last 27 years out of the state, and eschews travel to rural north Arkansas locations. The impression is that he is trying to buy the nomination with media rather than meeting folks with retail campaigning. The conservative Democrats also don't care for his pro-abortion views and lack of elected office.

Wooldridge has his own problems. The president of the Arkansas NAACP wanted to know if Wooldridge still wants to hang people on the court house square. "It reminds me of a number of lynchings in the state of Arkansas where black people were hung," he said. Wooldridge also was the primary sponsor of a bill that many feel would have polluted Little Rock's water supply by allowing clear cutting around Lake Maumelle.

I thought the Republican Lt. Governor's primary was hard-fought and at times viscious, but the comments on the ArkTimes blog show that they have divisions of their own. Liberals in the Democratic party are questioning if Wooldridge would become a Republican if he wins! This from the guy who said "Jesus would be a Democrat"! Sound familer? Glad this mudfight is taking place in someone else's house this time?


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