Friday, June 09, 2006

Halter Fires Back at Wooldridge

This article by Rob Moritz chronicles Halter's attack on Tim Wooldridge. The two are in a Democratic run-off for the Lt. Governor's nomination that will be decided Tuesday.

I say "fires back" but their have been some good points made about how soon the Halter attacks, including media buys, have been made. It would be difficult to get such ads out so soon after the allegations against Halter were put forth, unless the decision by Halter to attack Wooldridge was made BEFORE the Wooldridge charges that Halter made his money by bilking investors. Wooldridge also provided documentation that the only company Halter helped direct that made money did so in part by catering to teen pornography and online gambling interests.

The Halter charges against Wooldridge include his vote against giving a tax break to Arkansans in the National Guard who were called to active duty in the military, and also provided evidence that the Wooldridge bill to bring back public hangings was something that Wooldridge had really tried to get done. Wooldridge now dismisses that bill as "a favor I tried to do for a friend". Wooley must have some pretty tough friends!

Is the loser of this race really going to endorse the winner? I guess I can't claim to know much about winning Democratic primaries, but it seems to me that a runoff should be all about motivating the people who already voted for you to come do it again. Turnout should be only a fraction of the original election. Instead of focusing on that, these two seem intent on clawing each others eyes out right up to the final bell- maybe beyond.


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