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McCutchen Questions Legality of Mexican Consulate in Arkansas

From what I know of him, I don't hold to his view of the world, but that does not mean that he can't report mischief in high places accurately. Here is what he is saying, apparently learned from hiring a private eye....

October, 2003 Governor Michael Dale Huckabee met with Mexican President Vicente Fox to forge a deal that would increase exponentially the magnet for the continued illegal Mexican invasion. The pact also provided for the establishment of a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, one of its purposes being to distribute Matricula Consular cards to illegals; thereby conferring false identity to illegals, a criminally corrupt enterprise by any standard.
Early in 2004 Mexican d’af-faires Carlos De Alba of the Dallas Mexican Embassy stated Mexico did not possess the funding for the proposed Mexican Consulate.
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Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

On July 22, 2006 one state senator and two state representatives announced there was a Mexican National presence in a state owned building (taxpayer owned). From what I have been able to determine, the revelation died on the vine. My immediate instinct, understanding that the Governor and legislators have abrogated their sworn constitutional duties with regard to the illegal Mexican and OTM invasion, was to pursue this on my own. Arkansas government functionaries refuse to discuss this crisis objectively and in the past session awarded illegals prenatal care replete with all peripheral services. The Governor stated the cost per head was to be $3,000. It is well over twice the amount and has burdened middleclass taxpayers with this criminal act. The numbers receiving prenatal & other benefits not mandated by the Feds is escalating dramatically. (According to my FOI) Huckabee has denied this on multiple occasions.

I engaged the services of a private investigator to look into the allegations of the three legislators. He was in Little Rock all day on July 25 observing and speaking to some of the folks involved in this very smelly nexus, which is effectively destroying the middleclass.

Simply put, I deeply resent foreign nationals occupying state government premises when their endeavors are unconstitutional and criminal.

Some of the findings:

1. Names of the two Mexican operatives …Andres Choa & George Compas
2. They occupy an office on the 2nd floor of 26 Corporate Hills, L.R.
3. Choa & Compas are staying at the Peabody Hotel
4. Choa & Compas are using one or more Arkansas state employees to perform secretarial work
5. The investigator visited with Christine Valderez, the assistant to Robert Trevino at 1616 Brookwood Dr. L.R. Arkansas Rehabilitation Services building where Trevino is the Chairman. Valderez stated that Trevino was not available but would call my investigator. Trevino never returned the call.
6. Anita Murrell, Director of Arkansas Building Authority, was absent from her job and failed to return a phone call concerning what arrangements have been made, to accommodate the two Mexican nationals.

I have talked with Attorney General Mike Beebe regarding this sordid mess and he will be informing the Arkansas State Police and I will be asking for an investigation of Huckabee & Trevino’s activities regarding what I conclude are criminal acts and abuse of taxpayers, especially the middleclass.

Several questions arise…all of which I will not articulate here, just enough to demand an investigation.

1. If you are an American born or naturalized citizen you do not, by your sworn testament, need the services of a foreign Consulate, this in itself shows conclusively that this Consulate is wholly concerned with illegal Mexicans.
2. Who is paying for the proposed Mexican Consulate?
3. Who is paying for Choa & Compas lodging at the Peabody, meals, transportation, etc?
4. By whose authority are Arkansas state employees working for the Mexicans?
5. By whose authority are the two Mexicans occupying a state office?
6. Is Trevino using the Arkansas Rehab offices to disseminate illegals into the work force?
7. Is Trevino the sole conduit for the operation of these illegal endeavors?
8. What part does Anita Murrell play in this?
9. Of course there is the matter of phone calls by the two Mexicans and Trevino.

(Trevino is the ex-president of the bellicose Mexican organization LULAC, whose membership is demanding and receiving more benefits than Americans, and remembering Huckabee’s involvement)

Who benefits?

It will be interesting to see if a real investigation takes place and will the rule of law be enforced?

Kindest regards,

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith, Arkansas

6:39 AM, July 30, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

The central point in this story is that Governor Mike Huckabee has conspired with the Mexican Government to open a Consulate in Arkansas which will have a primary function of handing out "Matricula Consular" cards to illegal aliens which falsely identify them as employees of the Mexican embassy, exempting them from immigration laws. As part of this allegation, it is charged that Arkansas taxpayer resources , including an office and office help, are being used to facilitate this fraud.

Pretty schocking stuff if true. Does anyone have any more info on it?

6:47 AM, July 30, 2006  
Anonymous Robbie Bullock said...

This does not surprise me at all. I am curious to see if there will be an investigation at all. Maybe this is how the Huckster came into office somewhat middleclass and will be leaving office a rich man. If this story is true, the Huckster should leave office the same way Tucker did, in handcuffs.

8:19 AM, July 30, 2006  
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