Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pressure on Bebee Mounts as "Stonewallgate" Grates

Attorney General Mike Bebee told the "Stonewall Democrats"- a homosexual activist group, that he was in favor of homosexual foster parenting and adoption and would act to stop legislation that would deny them access to children as state-sponsored foster parents or adoptive parents. Then after meeting with his pollsters he flip-flopped, to put it charitably, and said he was oppossed to homosexuals gaining state-sponsored access to children through foster parenting or adoption.

The story was originally reported by Warwick Sabin of the Arkansas Times, but now it has appeared in the middle of the Sunday editorial pages of the Democrat-Gazette. Bebee has gotten himself into a very difficult position just when some observors were seeing signs of life from his otherwise secretive campaign.

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Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Bebee's betrayal has enraged the homosexual activist segment of the Democrat's base, and has played right into the hands of Green Party candidate Jim Lendall. Lendall has said they "don't pander to bigots", by which he means people who are uncomfortable with turning over small children to homosexual couples.

Is Lendall off the wall? Maybe, but he is not stupid. These people are mad at Bebee and they may vote Lendall just to teach the Democratic Party a "lesson".

Every move Bebee tries to make to the middle will be dogged by Lendall, who will pander to every traditionally Democratic fringe group that Bebee tries to distance himself from.

Environmentalists are also upset at the Bebee candidacy, and many of them are not what I would call a "fringe group". Clean air and water are a lot more popular to Arkansans than homosexuality. To environmentalists (and others) Bebee is seen as a pawn of corporate interests, maybe even moreso than his Republican opponent. Certainly the campaign finance reports of the two men would suggest that the biggest corporate offenders back Bebee.

Once Lendall is on the ballot, Bebee is stuck. He wants to run to the middle now, with the idea that the fringe of his party has "nowhere else to go". He can't go to the middle now without losing the left. Lendall is out there telling this fringe exactly what they want to hear. He is courting them. If Bebee runs to the middle, he will lose on the left. If he stays left, Hutchinson will pick up some "good ole boy (and gal) Democrats", plus a few more moderates (those two swing groups are not the same people).

In addition to all that, this fiasco, where Bebee basically either lied to a special interest group behind what he thought were closed doors or later lied to all of us in front of the world, will undermine his candidacy with many groups. You don't have to be in favor of homosexual adoption to think Mike Bebee is a rat for telling them one thing behind closed doors then saying the opposite two days later after a meeting with pollsters. People don't vote for folks they don't trust.

Lendall has had to challenge Arkansas' flawed ballot access laws to even get on the ballot. Bebee and Charlie Daniels are going to court to try and keep Lendall off. I predict they will lose that case within the next 60 days and remember where you read it first. Some have said that this election is Bebee's to lose, and that is exactly what he is doing. While I am sure he would like an outright majority, Asa Hutchinson may be able to win this election with less than 50% of the vote. Call it 49% Hutchinson, 48% Bebee, and 3% Green/other.

10:04 AM, July 16, 2006  
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