Monday, July 03, 2006

Wickline Tries To Answer the Question: "Is Holt Extreme".

Reporter Michael Wickline tries to answer the question of whether or not Senator Jim Holt, candidate for Lt. Governor, is an extremist. To answer the question he decided to do something that is almost unheard of in his field- through research! That is right, instead of simply making a series of unsupported statements, or making one phone call and when nobody answers writing up the story anyway, Mr. Wickline made the extra effort required to get all sides of the story.

Was the story fair and well written? Yes. Now that we hear that Aarron Sadler is heading for Washington (congratulations to him, fair and highly skilled), Wickline is probably the best reporter left for consistently writing a fair and clear story that is well documented. That would be scoring Mike Masterson as an editorial writer.

So you should read it and judge for yourself! Holt will seem like an "extemist" - but only to those on the other extreme. Senator Stephen Bryles will seem like an ingracious jerk (hey Bryles, how come you didn't call Holt extremist for his minimum wage vote? You did on everything else. Why not, huh? Rumor city thinks they know why).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

from the link:

"Bryles said Holt’s opposition to pre-kindergarten promotes “a backward agenda” when the state needs to produce educated and skilled workers."

What a bone-head. Do we send children to pre-kindergarten to make them "skilled and educated workers"?

7:24 PM, July 03, 2006  

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