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Big Bad Brummet Calls Senator Holt An Anarchist, BUT...

Come Let Us Reason Together

Who Fits The Definition of an Anarchist, Holt or Brummett
Brummett Is Nuttier Than Holt's Primary Opponent Who Called Holt a Tax and Spend Liberal

Brummett is using scare tactics and nutty ideas in an effort  to prevent Senator Holt, whose views and proposed bills reflect the electorate in Arkansas, from winning the Lt. Governor race.  He has accused Senator Holt of being an anarchist and of anarchy in more than one column now, the latest one being August 21, 06.
Come let us reason together, Brummett, and other readers.  Just what is the definition of anarchist and anarchy and what images come to mind when the word is used ?  Violence, lawlessness, political disorder, mayhem, rebellion,  insurrection, nihilist, revolutionists.  Other terms like barbarians are also associated with anarchy.  No one who knows Senator Holt associates these images with him.  People who know him see him as a very kind, compassionate, rational person.
Brummet's accusations against Senator Holt would make one think that that those men who fought the American REVOLUTION were also anarchists.  Does Brummet also think that the electorate of today believes our founding fathers were anarchists?  They fought a bloody war for our freedom which has blessed millions for over two hundred years, and  most Americans still see them in a favorable light (perhaps Brummett and his followers don't) . Senator Holt has never hinted at any type of  revolution. He is only taking the legitimate routes provided through our Constitution to fight for the things in which he believes, things in which generations of  American have believed.  He could be called a traditionalist but not an anarchist.
It is interesting that the immigration issue was mentioned in Brummett's article calling Holt an anarchist, and  just who is on the side of the law on this issue?  Brummet is not calling the illegal immigrants anarchists even though the term applies to some of them in some ways, especially the gangs that come here from other countries. 

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Blogger Debbie Pelley said...

Certainly many people involved in this illegal immigration matter, those making money in assisting the illegal immigrants to cross the border, businesses, and those who are violating the law in providing false identification would be more fitting for the term anarchy than Senator Holt. Senator Holt just wants the laws obeyed. Anarchists don't believe in obeying laws. Holt even asked for an attorney general's opinion on the illegal aliens' scholarships and instate tuition bill and received a favorable opinion, saying it could be interpreted as violating a federal law.

The bill Senator Holt sponsored on illegal immigrants would have required immigrants to be legal to obtain state benefits. And that is called anarchy? If Senator Holt is an anarchist, then so are two/thirds of the electorate in Arkansas (according to latest survey in Arkansas who support Holt's position on illegal immigration ) and so are all the men who passed all the laws on illegal immigration the last 200 years. Link to the poll:

The other issue discussed in Brummet's article calling Holt an anarchist was his voting against school funding when the Lakeview case took over the schools in Arkansas. I think Brummet would be hard pressed to find 25% of the people in Arkansas or 25% of the legislators who agree with the major decisions made in relationship to that case and with the funding level that taxpayers are paying.

The educational reforms in Arkansas are based on NCLB (of course, Brummett may not realize that, but the educrats all do). A recent poll indicated that more than two-thirds of those polled who were familiar with NCLB felt it was either hurting or not helping their community schools.( Annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll.

Eighty-nine percent of the Arkansas superintendents in a 1993 survey said that No Child Left Behind (NCLB) will make it harder to provide quality education in Arkansas. (50% of all superintendents participated in the survey.) I suppose all these people who agree with Holt are anarchists as well.

The word "visionary" fits Senator Holt much better than the word "anarchist." Several of the positions he has taken in the legislature have become national issues and have the support of the vast majority of the people including the Democrats: his illegal immigration bill to require immigrants to be here legally to obtain state benefits, his bill to prevent homosexuals from adopting children (even the Democratic candidates and Chair are now trying to say this is their view as well because so many Arkansans agree with them), his stand on traditional marriage, and his stand on taxes. In fact, Beebe, the Democratic candidate for governor for Arkansas, even basically agreed with Senator Holt's creation bill proposed his first session in the legislature although Beebe had to backtrack on it some after his leftist friends became so angry.

Back in the primary Max Brantley said that Senator Holt's opponent was nuttier than Holt when the opponent used an ad to paint Senator Holt as a tax and spend liberal. I would maintain that Brummet is nuttier than Holt's primary opponent when he tries to paint Holt as an anarchist. Holt's opponent even pulled his ad because he received so much criticism. I don't suppose Brummet would be smart enough to do that!

10:57 AM, August 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's very telling that liberals accuse conservatives of being the same things they are.

7:41 PM, August 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They say 'Anarchist' like its a bad thing!

7:08 PM, August 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now THAT's funny!

8:43 PM, August 27, 2006  

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