Friday, August 18, 2006

Daniels and Beebe Willing to Risk Disenfranchising Overseas Military Personnel In Order to Keep Greens Off Ballot!!

Since 1996 a federal judge has ruled that the double-standard for state-wide ballot access is unconstitutional. You can't have a different number of signatures required for statewide ballot access for a new party than you have for an independent. Despite these rulings the state has been dragging it's heels on complying with the court rulings for a decade. The Green Party submitted 18,000 signatures in an effort to get it's slate of candidates, led by former state rep. Jim Lendall, on the ballot for Governor. This was far more signatures than independent candidate Rod Bryan collected. Bryan made the ballot, Lendall and the Greens were denied.

The Green's sued. The hearing was yesterday, and a ruling is expected next week. Beebe has stood steadfast behind blocking new parties from gaining ballot access; his people told a legislative committee last year that a bill by Senator Jim Holt to equalize ballot access was not needed, even though the state still kept a much higher standard for new parties. Secretary of State Charlie Daniels has stood steadfast behind blocking the Green's as well. Both men stand to lose votes if the far left Green Party makes it to the ballot.

What is shocking is the lengths to which these men have indicated they intend to go in their efforts to block the Green's access to the ballot. Rob Moritz is all over this one. In his report, the attorney representing Secretary of State Charlie Daniels " told the judge that the Daniels' office must have the ballots printed within 25 days in order for military personnel overseas to vote. He also said if the judge allows the Green Party on the ballot, the state likely would appeal the ruling to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis."

We have a hostage crisis. The votes of military overseas personnel are being held hostage by Democratic politicians that are willing to tie up the case if they lose, even if that means disenfranchising our military!

A sceptic might well suspect that this is their preference: block the Green's from getting on the ballot by stalling, that keeps them from losing votes. They would also disenfranchise our service members risking their lives overseas, who tend to vote Republican. That keeps their opponents from gaining votes, so they help themselves politically on both ends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to Brian Brooks, assistant attorney general (representing Sec. of State Charle Daniels), the state's goal in the currently crafted ballot access laws are to prevent "ballot clutter" and voter confusion which might result if the signature threshold were too low, allowing "too many" candidates to hop on the ballot.

But the purpose of the ballot is to allow voters to choose their prospective leaders. Sure, it must be done in a way that avoids confusion, but the solution is not to keep the candidates off the ballot in the first place! What kind of "solution" is that?!

The ballot is NOT supposed to be a tool that the Republicans and Deomcrats use to suppress candidates who will not drink their flavor of Kool-Aid!

6:19 PM, August 18, 2006  
Anonymous Mark Moore said...

"Ballot clutter" my big toe. No third party has ever qualified for the ballot for any state office since the present law was passed in 1977. The Reform party sued their way on once, but no one has ever met the legal requirements.

71% of state legislative races were UNOPPOSED! Ballot clutter, RIIIIIGHTT!

This guy Brooks is getting paid taxpayer dollars to protect the Republican and Democratic Parties.

7:44 PM, August 18, 2006  
Anonymous Mark Moore said...

Everyone should call on Daniel's office to abide by the Judge's decision rather than risk disenfranchising our overseas military personnel by appealing.

8:13 AM, August 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No third party has ever qualified for the ballot for any state office since the present law was passed in 1977.

Talk about a monopoly! It's little wonder why this country is in a mess.

4:31 PM, August 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would deserve Beebe and Daniels right if they lost votes over this. They're playing politics with the miliatry vote, the very people who fight for our right to vote in the first place! I'd love to see Jim Lagrone jump on this and call Charlie on the carpet for it.

5:48 PM, August 20, 2006  

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