Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Elliot Ness vs. Nick Wilson (Attorney General Race)

"The fact is that my attacks on Dustin for filing a lawsuit against gun manufacturers is resonating across the state, and he and the Democrats are responding by saying we shouldn't fight public corruption."- Gunner DeLay

Pretty hard hitting statement, but he was too kind to point out that McDaniel also went around the state telling people that he wasn't a player in that lawsuit - until DeLay posted court documents from the case with McDaniel's name all over them on the internet.

The backgound on this is that DeLay has called for a Public Corruption Unit to be added to the Attorney General's office. It's purpose would be restricted to investigating allegations of corruption in elected officials. The Democrats, who have most of the elected officials, think this is a terrible idea. They claim such a unit would be a violation of the state constitution, which gives the power of prosecution to district attorneys. However, the Constitution also says that the Legislature can determine the powers of the AG's office, so if they want to add enabling legislation for such a role, I can't see how an overlap of powers between DA's and the AG's office is a violation. The Dems are suddenly taking a very narrow view, more narrow than the authors intended IMHO, in order to claim that ONLY District Attorney's can prosecute public corruption.

Well, the DA's are Democrats, and they have been doing a lousy job of prosecuting the public corruption of other Democrats. A check and a balance IS needed.....

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Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Former Senator Nick Wilson of Pocahontas had to be busted by the Feds. The local Democratic DA would not touch him. Wilson was defrauding the state by sending money meant to help disadvantaged children to his associates.

Even in this last election, there have been credible alligations of vote buying in the Delta during the last Democratic primary. That is "Dem on Dem" and as far as I know there is no investigation. Names were named in that incident. One thread about it is here http://arkansaswatch.blogspot.com/2006/06/do-sabin-and-brantley-have-evidence-of.html

although the Arkfam blog did a more in-depth report on it later.

Public corruption has been a serious problem in Arkansas for a long time. We need checks and balances. A public corruption unit run by a Republican AG would be an excellent counter to DAs who are part of a Democratic "Good ole boy" system with a poor history of prosecuting corruption from their fellow democrats.

The Democrats have made fun of DeLay because he described the unit as "the untouchables", but we have "untouchables" in our system right now- corrupt Democratic officials who are protected by their connections to other democrats. One set of untouchables deserves another to stop them.

8:10 AM, August 15, 2006  
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