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Lite Governor: Halter and Holt Slug it Out

Senator Jim Holt wanted to know if rival Bill Halter is in favor of giving homosexuals state-empowered access to little children through foster parenting and adoption. Holt had sponsored a bill denying them such state-empowered access to children in 05. It was stuck in committee, but he has vowed to try it again as Lt. Governor. Other politicians chimed in on the subject. Bill Halter had been the only one who had failed to answer the question of whether or not he would approve such legislation- if you count Mike Beebe's four or five paradoxical responses as a definitive answer.

Here is Halter's answer, "I would support this type of legislation if, after thorough research and deliberation, it is found to be constitutional and in the best interests of Arkansas' foster children," Halter said." Which is so full of loop-holes and escape hatches that he might as well not give one.

Holt did not let Halter's non-answer pass unnoticed, "'if' is a big word and he has placed so many conditions on his decision that everyone in Arkansas can see he is just pandering," Holt said, "There is not one bit of conviction in his answer.

Halter's spokesman "Bud" Jackson (the guy sends his stuff out from the Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C.. Apparently Halter can't even get a spokesman from Arkansas to represent him) responded by making a long series of attacks on Jim Holt unrelated to the original issue. However, for no extra charge, Holt has responded to each attack.

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Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

> From Bud Jackson:
Jim Holt has demonstrated that he is willing to use Arkansas’s must vulnerable children as a political football to advance his own political career.
I'm trying to protect children and this is an extremely important issue. After reading Mr. Halter's answer and Mr. Jackson's, it is clear they are the ones trying to do the 'football' dance without answering the question.
We don't know where they stand, they have no history in the legislature.

I have had the privilege to work with children (yes foster and adoptive children) for years in the trenches. I have been a counselor, chaplain, and a minister of youth working one on one, personally with disadvantaged (and all) children - I love them and I believe my life's history proves that. What experience
does he have?

NOTE: Holt was a counselor at YouthBridge, a lock-down facility for troubled youth.

1:37 PM, August 09, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Where was Jim? - In his six years in the State Legislature, Jim Holt did not introduce one bill to improve our state’s foster care system. Perhaps that is why a Republican State Representative said, “he [Holt] hasn’t done anything, that’s my problem with him”. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette named him as one of “Top Ten Worst Legislators” in 2001 calling him “a non-entity.”[Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 5/6/01]


Actually, we co-wrote the law establishing the State's Sex Offender website, authored the law for attorneys to receive a Governor's Award for Pro-Bono work for low income adoptions, and co-authored the bill to ban homosexual adoption and foster parents in 2005 - Plus, as stated previously, we've been in the trenches.

As to my legislative ability: as a legislator, I had the foresight to sponsor a bill to prevent adoption by homosexuals which even Halter now says will probably pass. I was moving in the direction of the people as has been proven by the national debate when I sponsored legislation to prevent illegal aliens from obtaining state benefits, a law that has now been passed in other states and probably will eventually pass in Arkansas. I was also moving with the people when I wrote a bill on ethics. It is not my fault that the legislative body was behind the people's will in this matter.

EDITORS NOTE: Holt was also instrumental in killing the Highway Bond Issue voted down this last December. It is clear that as a legislator it is tough to see farther ahead than the people around you. They think you are halluc enating when you see farther. Then when the things you were warning about start happening, they all try to jump in front of the bandwagon and forget that you warned them about it beforehand.

This homosexual foster parenting issue is a perfect example. Holt and Bob Adams sponsored this bill because they knew the courts were going to pull this, the social services people in the trenches were looking to the ledge for help. Holt and Adams were listening back when Bill Halter was still in California raking in big bucks from sitting on the boards of Corporate bad citizens.

1:48 PM, August 09, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...


> Where was Jim? - Why was Jim Holt the only member of the State Legislature to vote against a bill that would help local school districts increase the awareness of the successful ARkids First program which provides health insurance for Arkansas’s children? [HB 1895, 2005 Legislative Session]

Perhaps that’s why the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette named him to their “Top Ten Worst Legislators” in 2005, writing about Holt, “serious questions were raised anytime you were in the room. Which, in turns out, wasn’t all that often…We got the impression that image was more about you looking busy to the colleagues who shunned you then about you actually being busy.”
> [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 5/15/05]


Being on the worst list is an honor. The editorial board is for amnesty, scholarships and benefits to illegals, for abortion, and for gay marriage and adoption. Of course I'll be on their worst list.

EDITORS NOTE: So now the school is supposed to get kids on welfare too? Is that what are kids are supposed to be taught in public schools, what welfare programs are available to them? GAG! I suppose the legislators who voted for this would be offended if I said that was a socialist vote. Too bad, it was.

A check of the facts shows that Holt is correct. The Demo-zette was against the marriage amendment. They were for the stupid highway debt measure. If Holt was as ineffective as they say, the Democrat-Gazette would not waste so much ink trying to bully the people of Arkansas out of supporting him. They just don't like his politics.

2:00 PM, August 09, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

> Where was Jim? – Why was Jim Holt the only State Senator to vote against the state’s recent increase in minimum wage? Tens of thousands of Arkansas’s families and children will benefit from this increase that Jim Holt likened to Soviet-style Socialism.

Holt ends by answering the "where was Jim" taunt:


I've been here at home, helping our people to a new and brighter Arkansas; while he's been at home in California and abroad for the last 25 years, where he's received 95% to 98% of his money for this campaign.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I cannot believe that this goober from the Beltway uses "where was Jim?" as his motto. Where was HIS CANDIDATE? Not in Arkansas. Where are the donors to his candidate's campaign? THEY ARE NOT IN ARKANSAS EITHER. Where is Halter's spokesman? That guy is not in Arkansas either.

The Halter campaign represents outsider interests and culture attempting to impose itself on the state of Arkansas.

As far as the minimum wage goes, Holt was far too kind, possibly out of deference to the members of his ticket who were for the increase.

Having a government-dictated minimum wage for labor does two things- it increases unemployment and raises the cost of living for people on fixed incomes. There were two reasons for the Repubs to be for raising it. One was they were afraid that the people would vote in somethign worse and the second was that they were afraid that it would bring new voters to the poll that would cost them the election. The first reason is human weakness, but the second is human selfishness. Do the right thing, it is not all about you.

2:18 PM, August 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for presenting the facts about Senator Holt, Mark. Of course, Halter's campaign and his supporters will just overlook them because the facts don't fit in well with their agenda. I hope Jim keeps pounding Mr. Halter on these issues and makes Halter look absolutely idiotic....though I will say he doesn't need much help; he's doing a pretty good job of that himself.

8:13 PM, August 09, 2006  

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