Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Little Something for the Attack Dogs at the Demo-Zette

In a sure sign they realize he has a real shot to win, the Editors at the Democrat-Gazette have launched yet another nameless attack at the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor, State Senator Jim Holt of Springdale. Holt is a problem to them for the following reasons:

1) They don't like his conservative positions.
2) They occasionally try to pass themselves off as conseravtives, and when the genuine article comes along it makes the counterfeit all the more apparent. They want to try to "move conservatism left". Holt won't move.
3) They have invested a lot of ink and prestige trying to destroy him. So much that they cannot afford to fail. If he wins, other politicians might catch on that you can buck the Demo-zette and still win. They can't afford to have politicians around that are not afraid of them, and Holt is not afraid.

This attack simply repeats the misinformation of earlier anonymous missives. They have been called on this stuff before, but they don't care. Like proud graduates of the Joseph Gobbel's school of journalism, they are determined to tell big enough lies often enough until the people believe it. So am I attacking too? Well, I am going to tell the truth with my name on it, so I consider that two marks ahead of them right off the bat.

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Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

For example, right after they say that the illegal immigrants are simply "following the money" they claim, "PEOPLE WHO uproot themselves, leaving family and familiar surroundings behind, and move to a strange new land with a strange new language, tend to do it because they don’t intend to stay poor. They, too, want their chance at the American Dream, and to attain it, they’re willing to work the night shift at a poultry plant, or do whatever else the locals won’t."

There is the old "jobs Americans won't do" canard. If the wages are right, will do it. If the companies follow the law on workplace safety and sanitation conditions, we will. But some employers want to cheat. They want to bring in a huge supply of illegal labor to depres wages. People who will work scared and not complain when workplace safety and sanitation rules are ignored.

Americans will do any job an illegal will do at some wage. It is just with the illegals around some employers are not motivated to pay that wage.

The other fallacy they buy into is the idea that all these illegals are here to pursue "the American Dream". There are some who do, but many have no loyalty to the United States. They are simply following the money. Some have their real alligence to their real country. That is where their hearts are and their money is sent. For example, Mexico's second largest source of foreign currency (next to oil exports) is money sent home from their citizens in other countires.

Many others have little loyalty to their home country, OR the United States. They are simply folllowing the money too. "Mercenaries of Labor" if you will.

What will happen if we have a big war? Will they hang around to sacrifice and defend this nation? Or will your sons and daughters defend it while they quietly slip away? What happens if we have a depression? If things are better in their country in 20 years will we be welcome there?

How many fit into one of these categories? Half? That is at least six million people in our midst whose true allgience is elsewhere. More? Based on the number of South American flags I see around NWA I could believe that. This is the problem with illegal aliens. We just don't know. All we know about them is that they are willing to break our laws.

11:30 AM, August 12, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

The Demo-zette beats the drum for amnesty when they say,"Because now, of course, we’re going to get all those letters to the editor asking the familiar question: Just what part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand?

We understand the word just fine, thank you. That’s why we’d like to see a sensible, humane, and rational legalization program put in place for all these folks as part of a comprehensive approach to fixing this country’s immigration system."

So they say they know what illegal means, and their cure is what? Just make it legal! They miss the point. If they were robbed of their wages, and had their identities stolen let's see how they would feel about the authorities legitimizing the crime after the fact by making the robbery and identity theft of editorialists legal!

I have often said that the trouble with illegal immigration is the America that benefits from the cheap labor is the wealthy decision makers while the America that is harmed most by it is the working class that is mostly powerless. Because of that, the elites enjoy deluding themselves that they are more righteous than the working class because they want this particular group of criminals excused while the working class wants them deported.

They are hypocrites! The reason they are not upset about illegal aliens is not because they are more righteous, its becasue they benefit from it! Their lawns are landscaped cheaper! Illegal alines don't write newspaper columns. It is no threat to their economic well being to have a flood of illegas, so they sit in judgement of the poor stiff in Fort Smith who just lost a job at the plant because some illegal alien was willing to do it for less.

11:43 AM, August 12, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

But I am not through! In retort to the "what part of illegal don't you understand" these advocates for lawlessness - so long as it helps our friends- say "We understand it fine. What part of economic growth don't you understand".

I understand economic growth just fine, but they act like they don't. I noted before that Mexico's 2nd largest source of foreign capital is money sent from their citizens abroad. Illegal workers tend to spend only the absolute minimum of their wages in this country. The rest goes back to their real home. And studies show that illegals consume more in social services than they contribute. But hey, the rest of the state can pay for that while the unscrupulous members of the upper crust in certain areas can benefit from the cheap labor.

Far from helping an economy, illegal aliens suck money out. Sure the low wages promote projects being started, but the wages from those projects don't stay in the community. The community as a whole suffers when certain employers use illegals, but those employers benefit big time. And certain politicians like contributions from those employers, and certain newspapers like advertising revenues from those employers to. Sell out if you want to boys, but don't try to pretend you are on the moral high ground when you do so.

In conclusion, the economic growth from mass use of illegals is concentrated in a few hands. More overall growth would be attained by hiring workers who would spend money in their own communities, even if those workers required more money on the fron end. Add to that the bill for increased crime and social services is paid by the whole state, robbing them for the benefits of a few.

12:02 PM, August 12, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

but there is more!

"In a battle of dueling press releases, the Republican in the race, Jim Holt, rapped the Democrat, Bill Halter, for being insufficiently mean."

Now I want you to note what their definition of "mean" is. If you want to hold onto the money you have honestly earned to spend on your own family, you are "mean", but the illegal aliens are NOT MEAN for breaking into your country, invading your community, stealing your identity, and signing up for the government to use the coercive power of the state to take money that you have rightfully earned in order to give it to criminal invaders who have not earned it. See, you are mean just for trying to hold on to what is your own, whilst the illegal alien who is conspiring with your government to take it from you is NOT MEAN. That is the way the boys at the Demozette see things.

Once again, this is for ROUTINE nonemergency health care. Jim Holt is not suggesting that we deny anyone emergency care, including delivery services. Rest assured we are still going to be stuck with the bill for that. Holt only wants to stop you from being stuck with the bill for the non-emergency stuff.

Jim Holt, state senator and demagogue-in-training wants to deny ILLEGAL ALIENS! state services that aren’t required by the feds. Like what? Like prenatal programs, for starters.
What kind of far-seeing leader-what kind of person-would withhold money for pre-natal programs? Lord have mercy. Has anybody told Jim Holt that once these little suckers are born they’re going to be full-fledged, pure-Dee, native American citizens-even if their parents aren’t ? And if these kids are born sickly, they’ll need more taxpayer-paid health care services. Quite aside from the Christian charity of it, pre-natal care is one of the best investments a provident nation can make.
Jim Holt’s website says he’s pro-life. Hmmm. How can he be pro-life but antibaby ? Or is he just anti-healthy baby? Or is he just anti-healthy Hispanic baby?

And they have the gall to call Holt a demagogue? Is there a card, race, religion or otherwise, that is too despicable for them to play? Not that I have observed.

Only nine states have such non-emergency pre-natal programs for their own citizens? How can Holt be an unchristian racist for suggesting that we not provide it at taxpayer expense for the world's citizens? Understand that Holt is not denying anybody access to prenatal care. He is denying illegal aliens automatic access to YOUR POCKETS in order to pay for their routine health care. It is the price and who pays for it, not the product, that Holt takes issue with.

Unlike these guys, Holt knows that it is the state's responsiblity to protect us from others who want to violate our rights, but not the states responsiblity to raise us as it's children. They protect our rights, not take care of us. Anything less is not freedom.

Look, at some point PARENTS should have to take responsibility for their own children. Non-emergency medical care for illegal aliens (including routine pre-natal care which sounds a lot like an overpaid government worker handing out over-priced vitamins) is a good place to start. Good grief, if we don't have the self-discipline to cut this, what can we cut? If we don't have the strength of will to cut this, then we are just wet noodles that have no chance of survival. Our government will spend us into oblivion "for the children".

12:23 PM, August 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They also said "we can spare 6.5 million a year because we have a big budget surplus". they did not mention that there were a bunch of differenct groups lining up for all that money. We will be lucky to get any of it back.

4:14 PM, August 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If pre-natal care is so critical, why does the state not pay for my childs pre-natal care. They only pay for illegal aliens.

8:39 AM, August 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do 41 of 50 states not pay for anybody? How did my mom ever manange to birth me without the help of our beneficent government? Don't tell me that women can give birth without the help of a government program!

9:31 AM, August 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They only pay for illegal aliens.

Huckabee has stated in the past that he'd rather spend money to improve their health when problems can be prevented than administer costlier treatment after they're born and considered U.S. citizens.

Two problems: why is it the state's job in either scenario- before or after the birth?

Why does the government continue to grant citizenship to illegals' babies? Just because their parents successfully evaded border patrol agents? "Congratulations, your baby is a citizen"?!!

1:17 PM, August 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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