Thursday, August 03, 2006

May and June Election Results Certified Today

Results for the May 23rd Primary election and the June 13th run-off were finally certified today. There were problems aplenty with the company that Secretary of State Charlie Daniels chose to supply the voting machines and training for those elections. Daniels himself reportedly said of the decision to use the controversial company "the buck stops here". But maybe not. For there to be accountablility, someone has to be paying attention.

It must seem like "Prozac America" to Republican Secretary of State candidate Jim LaGrone. Where's the outrage? It seems that no matter how incompetently Daniels performs at his job, he leads in the polls. Perhaps voters think he is the singer or the whiskey maker? There is no way on earth an election held on May 23rd should remain uncertified until August 3rd! It's ridiculous. If Daniels had shined at other positions then maybe this could be put down as a one-time disaster, but that is not the case either. The whole thing is frustrating to those paying attention. It should be a straight up case of competence, but somehow Daniels has found teflon.


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