Thursday, August 24, 2006

Not Waiting Around

It seems some folks in the establishment media are concerned that the new 527 group, Coalition for Arkansas' future, are pointing out the inconsistencies between Democrat Mike Beebe's television spots versus his actual record. Conservatives were supposed to wait for the media to report that for us. They rarely do, thus the need for the 527.

We can't wait for the Establishment media to do their jobs and tell people that Beebe's record is the opposite of his stands in his TV commercials, or that Halter is an empty suit whose attack-faxes from Virginia on Senator Jim Holt range from distortion to dishonest to downright fantasy. We can't wait around for them to carry on with flaring nostrils about the kind of job Charlie Daniels did with the election- or with what he is doing now in that his office may be willing to disenfranchise our overseas military personnel in order to keep the Green's off the ballot. We can't wait for them to become indignant with Attorney General candidate Dustion McDaniel for his loudly proclaiming that he was not a player in the Remington lawsuit that his name is all over.

The days of the liberal monopoly are over. There is a giant asteroid streaking down from overhead, and the dinosaurs don't like it.

PS- Attorney General Candidate Gunner DeLay has a pretty good new radio spot here.


Anonymous Mark Moore said...

Well, the spot is not great. The voices sound too country, at least for cosmopolitan NWA or big city LR.

4:31 PM, August 24, 2006  

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