Monday, August 21, 2006

Test Scores Decreased 14% Since Schools Became Accountable to the Gov't

Below are excerpts from article by Mike Masterson, journalist for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette at this link. It is rare that a journalist will have the courage to print such truthful information.

"Meanwhile, student performance measurably declined and the plan to hold teachers accountable for classroom performance became a convenient excuse to siphon billions more from the public’s wallet.

Pelley said this didn’t occur by accident.

“Some years ago, an Arkansas Department of Education executive, Gayle Teale Potter, told me a Gallup Poll indicated [that ] the Arkansas public would be more willing to pay more taxes for education if the standards were raised and an effective accountability system was in place,” Pelley wrote in a wide-ranging e-mail and in response to questions about her latest research.

“It is obvious that accountability is not working when the newspapers across the state report that the Arkansas Department of Education director is jubilant over nationally normed scores that are 7 percentile points lower than they were 20 years and billions of dollars ago when accountability standards were something new. This proves my theory that when educators are accountable to the government rather than the people, there is no authentic accountability.

“ The composite score for seventhgraders on the nationally normed test just released for this year is 50 percent, or 11 percent lower than the score in 1990 (a 22 percent scoring decrease ) and 7 percent below 1984 ’s score (a 14 percent decrease ) when the accountability system was initiated in Arkansas billions of dollars ago,” Pelley said. “And the paper reports that ADE director Ken James is jubilant and calls the latest news fantastic.” "


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Pelley

Great job on toasting them over at the ArkTimes blog. You really shut them down on the Jim Holt "Flip-Flop" post. That little ploy by Halter more flopped than it flipped. Again. Great job.


10:17 PM, August 21, 2006  

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