Friday, September 29, 2006

Halter's Lies Refuted by Women's Prayer/Action Group

by Iris Stevens, teacher in Arkansas for 30 years

Halter sent out a press release (see below) which is pasted on Arkansas Times blog calling Senator Jim Halt the "King of the Whoppers" and listed so called "Six Whoppers from Jim Holt."

It just so happens that Halter himself told five lies in one of his whoppers (number 2 below) about the Women's Action Group and a Teacher Survey. I have first hand experience and was an integral party in both of these issues and have documentation to prove Halter is lying. (See Below)

Of course, everyone in Arkansas knows that honesty is a characteristic of Senator Jim Holt. Even the media that violently oppose him call him honest and have said he is too honest for his own good. Halter knows it is really hard for Holt to combat Halter's lies because Halter is a millionaire and can put out all kinds of advertisements, and the media won't call his hand on it because Halter is a liberal.

Three lies from Halter press release: "Holt cites a bogus study conducted by the Women's Prayer and Action Group." That partisan group apparently only received 30 comments to a teacher survey they sent out six years ago."

Truth 1: The cover letter sent out with the teacher survey that Halter calls bogus was signed by former Senator Peggy Jeffries, who served on the Senate Education Committee and later was appointed as a member of the State Board of Education by Governor Huckabee and was sent to 711 teachers from a number of schools in the state varying in size. See this link for
Summary of results.

Truth 2: There were 30 pages of comments, not 30 comments, as Halter said, with 90% of them negative toward the educational reforms. 80% of the answers on the survey were negative but 90% of the comments were. There were so many comments they had to be listed in three sections on the web. See this link for teacher comments.

Truth 3: The teacher survey was conducted six years ago. The Women's Prayer and Aciton Group (WPAAG) was not even begun until 2004 as verified in the "About Us" information at this link which has been posted there since the inception of the organization saying the organization began in 2004. I was in on the creation of the organization and attended the first meeting in 2004. The teacher survey was conducted six years ago according to Halter himself. See link.

Just so Halter can't say I am a bogus teacher, there was a story in Jonesboro Sun September 24,04 about an American Stars of Teaching award given to me, Iris Stevens, for increasing eighth grade scores by 22 percent in language. A USDOE representative came to my school to present it to me - one of its kind in the state.

For more lies on this issue by Halter and rest of article see this link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are two men running for office who have a built their lives maintaining impeccable character: Jim Holt and Jim Lagrone.
The anti-Christian leftists (yes I said it)in this state know that these men's character is the most appealing trait that they have in a sea of corrupt politicians. They are trying to smear them for it.
They caught Lagrone saying something misleading a few weeks ago. So, he acted like a man of Christ and publicly apologized for it, but maintians that he didn't do it on purpose. He won't cowar to them and admit is was purposeful, so they still want to crucify him and they effectively covered up the issue he was speaking out for.
Now they're doing it to Jim Holt as well, a true man of God who lives by his word. Let me see: Jim Holt is a bigot, a homophobe, a thief, hates poor people; and is the reincarnation of Orval Faubus, Jim Johnson, and Adolph Hitler all rolled into one. That wasn't enough, so now he is a dishonest liar as well.

I do not believe Jesus is a Republican, a Democrat, or cares about politics. But for the first time in my life I believe a Christian has the duty to vote Republican in these top Arkansas races. Asa Hutchinson has a clear platform when it comes to protecting unborn children and the sanctity of marriage. Gunner Delay has shared about his personal relationship with Jesus to me. Jim Lagrone has been a minister for his entire career and the first-hand stories I've heard from his supporters are incredible. Jim Holt is obviously a man of God. Talk to him 5 minutes and it is crystal clear.

Don't be fooled folks. This is an all-out assault on Christians, or "Shiites" as Jason Willet prefers to call them.

3:13 PM, September 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I am the anti-Christ." True quote by Jason Willet.

3:15 PM, September 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must be getting bad over at the Halter campaign if he has to stoop so low as to call Jim Holt a liar when Halter himself wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the butt, much like his former boss Bill Clinton.

3:29 PM, September 29, 2006  
Blogger rob_star said...

No one gives a shit about this, let's see a story on the closet homosexual, child predator, Republican Congressman who just resigned in shame. Let's see a story about the cover up from the Republican Party which would rather save a house seat than protect children.

8:14 PM, October 01, 2006  
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