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Holt Press Release - How do Halter and Willet feel about their party's war on marriage.

Senator Jim Holt Press Release

Released Sept 5, 06

Subject: The Democratic National Party's 5-point plan to work with homosexuals to implement gay marriage. Arkansas Dem Party removed marriage between man and woman plank from platform – How do Halter and Willett feel about this?

Democratic National Committee (DNC) spokesperson, Damien LaVera, revealed the Democratic National Committee’s 5-point plan to work with homosexuals to implement gay marriage across the nation. This is s fact that would interest at least 75% of the people who voted against gay marriage in Arkansas. The Washington Blade, a homosexual advocate publication, summarized these five points in an article July 14, 06, and reported that the DNC "assisted a gay group in Illinois with its efforts to block an anti-gay marriage amendment from going before voters in November."

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Anonymous debbie pelley said...

The Washington Blade article points out the flip flop by Howard Dean, saying "DNC Chair Howard Dean made headlines this year by going on the anti-gay Christian Broadcast Network and erroneously claiming his party’s platform opposes marriage for same-sex couples. He later apologized for the mischaracterization — the 2004 platform leaves the issues to the states — and issued a strongly worded statement last week criticizing the New York court decision , saying, ' Today’s decision by the New York Court of Appeals, which relies on outdated and bigoted notions about families, is deeply disappointing, but it does not end the effort to achieve this goal,'” Dean said.

"The New York Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, issued a 4-2 decision July 7 saying the state law banning same-sex marriage was based on a legitimate rationale that it is better 'for children to grow up with both a mother and father.'” The Washington Blade reported.

Shouldn't the state Democratic Party leaders, including my opponent, address this issue?

Earlier Press Release Sept 1, 06 by Senator Holt on same subject that no media has addressed:

Subject: Does Halter Believe the Democratic Party "Spoke Correctly" When They Removed the Plank From Their Platform Protecting Marriage?

Several days ago an Arkansas paper reported Jason Willett as saying, "I'm the chairman of the state Democratic Party, and I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman." Willett added that the state party has a plank in its platform that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Bill Halter, Senator Holt's opponent for Lt. Governor's race, was quoted as saying some time ago, "Voters spoke correctly when two years ago they adopted Amendment 83 of the Arkansas Constitution defining marriage as that between a man and a woman and prohibiting other arrangements from having the legal status of marriage"

Beebe has said he opposes gay marriage; Dustin McDaniel also says he opposes gay marriage.

H O W E V E R……

"That traditional marriage plank in the Democratic platform that Willett was standing on when he used it to back up his position has just moved." Holt stated. During their recent convention, the Arkansas Democrat Party approved a platform that removed language affirming that marriage is between a man and a woman. "Will Willett tell us if he agreed with the Party or will he take issue with them on this matter?" Holt asked. "And just how will Willett and Halter shore up their statements about marriage being between a man and woman when their state and national party leaders have moved in the opposite direction."

"That earlier statement before the convention by Halter that the 'voters spoke correctly' on gay marriage carries very little conviction," Holt said. What is he going to say, 'the voters voted incorrectly'? Of course, he is going to say the people voted correctly when 75% voted against gay marriage. He is not going to tell 75% of the voters they voted wrong."

"Will Halter now tell us if the Democrats 'spoke correctly' by removing this marriage language from the platform?" Holt asks. "Or will he say they 'spoke incorrectly'? Will he say the National Democratic Party has spoken correctly with their 5 point plan? Whose side is he really on, the people or the Democratic Party on this issue?

"How can all the state wide candidates support marriage between a man and a woman and the Democratic Party go the opposite direction?" Holts asks. "And Arkansas was the only state in the South where both senators (Democrat Pryor and Democrat Lincoln) voted against the Federal Marriage Protection Amendment."
"The Arkansas Democratic Party truly has left the electorate of our state," stated Holt. "I was reared a Democrat, but that was before the national Democratic party moved to the far left. The majority of Democrats in Arkansas remained conservative and have voted Republican in Presidential elections. Now the liberals, who agree with the California and Massachusetts type Democrats, are infiltrating the Arkansas Democratic Party. The party leaders have just left the majority of Arkansas citizens on a crucial issue by removing the marriage protection plank from the platform - 75% of the electorate voted for an amendment against gay marriage."

"It would be strange indeed if the party has left the candidates," said Holt. "If that is the case, shouldn't Halter and other statewide candidates be sending out an alert and making waves about this issue if they don't agree with it?" I have seen nothing in the media other than the first report," Holt continued, "about this move by the Democratic party to remove their support for traditional marriage."

The statement in the paper following the announcement about the Democratic Party changing the platform on marriage seems to sum up Halter's strategy. Party officials had this to say about their reason for removing the plank, "That was an issue during the election two years ago but isn’t an issue this year." In other words, the plank was put in the platform for political expediency, not on conviction."

"The issue this year is gay foster parenting. Why didn't the Democrats put that issue in their platform if their candidates really oppose it?" Holt asks. " The Republicans put it in theirs."

Again, 75% of the electorate, including Democrats, voted against homosexual marriage in Arkansas. They deserve to know where their Party and candidates stand on this issue.

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