Monday, September 25, 2006

Knowing What Lies to Tell


In a previous article I told you about the National Democrat's five point plan to promote homosexual marriage. I also documented the plan that Arkansas Democrats, (Beebe, Halter, McDaniel) have to get elected in this state. It is a one-point plan, namely, LIE! They want to lie about who they are and what they stand for in order to fool the people of this God-fearing and conservative state into voting for the most secular and liberal ticket that the DPA has ever put forward. That is blunt, but there it is.

Normally, that would not be a laughing matter, but in Bill Halter's case, it is. Halter is the Democrat's nominee for Lt. Governor who has lived out of the state for the last 27 years and married his "partner" just as his campaign for office entered full swing. The man is so out of touch with the average voter in this state that he was running into a real problem: He didn't know what lies to tell. You see, Beebe knows the voters of Arkansas, not nearly as well as he knows the lobbiests of Arkansas, but well enough to know what positions to fake.

I don't want to you to think that these men started telling lies as a first resort. For the first year Beebe ran the campaign trying not to take any positions at all. The Hutchinson team forced him to abandon that strategy, so he then began to adopt positions- many of which are Hutchinson's! In the same way, Halter began by scoffing at Holt for his "extremism" before he began to realize that most Arkansas voters felt the same way Holt did. After that Halter STILL called Holt an extremist, even while he got busy adopting Holt's positions. So there is some consolation for die-hard Democrats- neither Beebe nor Halter lied as a first resort, they will only lie to you when the chips are down!

Anyway, back to Halter's problem. He had no idea what the people of this state wanted. He has not lived here in over two decades. So what he did was, he took his pile of money- mostly gotten from his own pockets and out-of-state donors- and took a series of polls to find out what he ought to believe. He spent $34,000 on them in August alone. Look for a new and improved Bill Halter to emerge. One who will tell you just what you want to hear.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Senator Jim Holt Press Release For Immediate Release September 25, 06

Contact: Dan Noble Phone Number: 501-454-1776 email:

When In Doubt…. Halter Decides To Buy Voter Answers and Arkansas Values!

It appears Halter’s camp is paying to find out what voters believe and what Senator Holt already knows. Since April, Halter’s campaign has shelled out over $64,500 on polling surveys, and $34,500 just within the month of August. The question is why is Halter paying so much money for these surveys when no other candidate is? The only answer we can think of is that Halter, who claims to still be so “in touch” with the people of this state is, in actuality, merely paying to find out what the voters believe and then adopting that stance on the issue.

On Halter's campaign financial report, August 15th, there is a payment of $34,500 dollars. The payment was to Harstad Strategic Research who specializes in political polling, and the company is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Campaign Spokesman, Dan Noble said, “I believe that Mr. Halter owes the people of Arkansas an explanation on why he is spending so much money on polling the voters. It is outlandish to believe that 34,500 dollars could be spent on normal polls dealing with who will win the Lt. Governor’s race; it is obvious his campaign is conducting “public opinion polls” to find out how the voters feel on important issues.

Noble also commented, “I think the people of Arkansas will interpret Mr. Halter’s spending over eleven-hundred dollars for everyday in August for public opinion polls as a clear sign that he has no real relationship with the people of Arkansas and lacks any knowledge of the values of this great state. With Halter spending a majority of the last 20 years out of Arkansas, it is apparent with this latest action that even Mr. Halter is admitting that he is now trying to play catch-up to find out what is important to the people of this state.”

Noble said, “I would like to remind voters and the media that when the gay foster parents ban question was asked to Mr. Halter, he responded that “he had talked with legislators who indicated they would pass such a ban during the regular legislative session next year.” So the only reason Mr. Halter decided to support the legislation was because he had already polled legislators and knew they were going to pass this legislation with or with out him. This is very alarming because it seems Mr. Halter has a pattern in which he can’t make an actual decision or state his own opinion with out seeing the latest poll numbers on that particular issue.”

“I am very proud of the fact that Senator Jim Holt has never paid for a political poll to tell him what the people of Arkansas are thinking and feeling. Senator Holt is in tune with the voters; and he will never have to pay for the answers to the questions, like Mr.’ Halter has been all too comfortable with doing,” Noble also stated.

Halter's response to our press release:

*From: *
*Date: *September 25, 2006 10:12:21 AM CDT
*To: *
*Cc: *
*Subject: Re: Press Rel/Halter buys voter answers and AR values

ummmmm.... (drum roll please.....)

we're not responding to this amateurish and irrelevant press release.

But you can tell Dan Noble (or forward this to him) that I'm happy to see that Jim Holt is getting from Noble what he is worth. (see sentence #2).

fax: 703.548.6979
206 North Washington Street - Suite 10
Alexandria, VA 22314

Holt's response:

It appears the problem is worse than we thought. Halter’s camp won’t even answer our questions without sending them to Harstad Strategic Research first and finding out how he’s supposed to respond.

Halter is like a chameleon and will camouflage himself to appear like he is just another one of the people of this state. But, in this state, and in this race, Arkansans deserve someone like Senator Jim Holt. A man that is unafraid of the tough questions and a man that doesn’t need $34,000 worth of polls to tell him the right answers.

Dan Noble

11:10 AM, September 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone take a poll on whether the taxpayers and tuition-payers think it is a good idea for the UAF to pay salaries for a chaffeur for Chancellor John White and another person to run errands for his wife? Then ask them whether the taxpayers should fund another bond boondoggle for higher education on November 7th.

12:00 PM, September 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will be taking a poll on that second point on Nov. 7th, and your first point should be an impactor on your second.

1:44 PM, September 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you hear, the UA is building yet another mansion for the chancellor. Seems the one they built him around five years ago is now cramping his style.

2:55 PM, September 25, 2006  

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