Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lu Hardin Gets Dramatic on Higher Ed Bonds

Lu Hardin, President of the University of Central Arkansas who has enough of your money to give tuition breaks to illegal aliens in defiance and disrespect of the legislature, has made the pitch to John Brummett on why we need to vote to put ourselves millions more dollars in debt for higher education bonds. This despite the fact that our state is currently running a $700 million dollar surplus.

If Brummett is telling it right, Hardin actually told him that the very future of higher education was at stake in this bond election! His less hyperbolic partner, U of A President Alan Sugg, would only say "we really need the money".

Got that folks? The future of higher ed is at stake! You can't stop to think about it! Why its an emergency! Just give us money NOW NOW NOW!

Selling the bond issue sounds like a job for.....


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