Saturday, September 16, 2006

Masterson Masterful, Part IV

Mike Masterson has done it again. If the establishment print media had more guys like him, I tell you frankly that blogs like this one would be out of a job. We can only exist because there is a side to most stories that the establishment media usually won't tell. Mike Masterson, and the seldom-heard from Dana Kelley are the exceptions to that rule.

First, before you read any of the other articles on this blog, click here and read Masterson's lastest powerful column (then please hit the back button and sample the many new offerings I have presented below).

Here is just one great quote from the article to whet your appetite....

"I do believe that there has come to exist a culture within my craft that edits out—no, shuns is a better word—the ideas, expressions and actions of certain groups and specific people who see reality differently from the way that editors or reporters believe they should. In other words, in the eyes of some of the purported gatekeepers of free speech in the news business, there are the favored ideas—those with which they agree—that get ample space, coverage and air time, and then there are the discarded."


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