Wednesday, September 27, 2006

McDaniel Caught Again

I just can't believe these guys. I mean the whole slate of Democratic nominees. And I say that as someone who is not a Republican and did not vote for Bush in 04 or Huckabee in 02. Anyone who does not like that can lump it. Neither of them was in danger of losing in Arkansas and neither earned my vote. And if they were in trouble in Arkansas, it was their doing not mine.

I say that to make clear that I am no GOP pom-pom wavier. Still, I don't hesitate to tell the people of Arkansas that they cannot trust this slate of Democratic State-wide candidates. It's a lie a day from these people. I am not talking about spin, I am talking about flat out lies. I am imploring, begging even, the people of this state to not be so foolish as to vote for this Democratic ticket of dishonest men.

Today's offender is Dustin McDaniel, candidate for Attorney General. This is the guy that the Democrats are giving the big build-up. This is the one that Clinton gave a special fundraiser for when he was in the state- Clinton did not even do that for Halter, who actually worked for him in a small way. Clinton only gave a special fundraiser for the top of the ticket guy (Beebe) and McDaniel. And you can't trust Dustin McDaniel. You just can't. McDaniel claimed he was not really involved in the suit against Remington arms, then DeLay put the documents up on the internet that proved McDaniel flat out lied to you. Now it has happened again.

(to read the DeLay press release that documents how Dustin McDaniel lied again please click WEDNESDAY below and scroll down, or if sent straight here just scroll down.)


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...


Little Rock, AR. - Today, at the state capitol republican attorney general candidate, Gunner DeLay, presented the media with video taped evidence that showed his opponent making false statements about the role he played in the passage of SB 387during the 2005 regular session. SB 387 was a bill that reduced the mandatory prison time for meth manufacturers from 70% of the sentence given by the jury to 50%.

McDaniel’s statements were made to reporter Roby Brock in a taped interview that was aired across the state on Sunday night. When McDaniel was asked about his vote to reduce the mandatory time served by meth manufactures, McDaniel replied, “I didn’t sponsor the bill, I didn’t carry the bill, I didn’t speak for the bill, I didn’t advocate for the bill, but I did vote for it.” He then stated that the bill was necessary “to make room for violent criminals”.

DeLay played a video tape of the debate on SB 387, which shows McDaniel taking the well of the House to speak in favor of the bill. In his speech from the floor, McDaniel claimed that other colleagues in the House were e-mailing him to see how he was going to vote. He then explained that prison overcrowding was not a reason to support the bill. “I’m not for this bill because of prison overcrowding. If you are voting for this bill for prison overcrowding I don’t think I understand that argument. Because I fully agree that this hasn’t got a darn thing to do with prison overcrowding. I think that we’re talking about some common sense re-evaluation of our sentencing laws that are gonna affect a small percentage of people that are there.”

DeLay said McDaniel’s speech clearly shows he is soft on crime and he has a blatant disregard for the truth. DeLay also commented that McDaniel’s lack of credibility is not a new issue to the campaign. He pointed out that when McDaniel was initially questioned about his role in a lawsuit filed against Remington Arms he claimed he only did “legal research” on the case. It was only after DeLay obtained copies of all the legal documents filed with the court that McDaniel admitted he was an actual participant in the lawsuit.

DeLay said, “I have been straight forward and honest about every issue that has been raised in this campaign about my record. Unfortunately, my opponent has not taken the same path. McDaniel’s credibility is going to be a big issue in this race. If a person will be untruthful during a campaign I can assure you they will be untruthful in office.”

DeLay said as attorney general he will work to reinstate the 70% rule for meth manufactures and he will fight to use a portion of the budget surplus money to build more prison space. He said these steps are necessary because he wants to send a message to meth dealers that their days are numbered.

3:11 PM, September 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And OK, some could argue that today's offender is also Mike Beebe. Beebe issued a press release saying he WOULD release answers to questionaires. Where are they?

Or perhaps today's winner is Bill Halter. He says Holt wants to stop "people who want to live in America". That is a pretty disinginuous way to describe illegals.

3:28 PM, September 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill Halter says Holt wants to stop "people who want to live in America". That is a pretty disinginuous way to describe illegals.

They're just killing the police officers American's won't kill. They're just raping the women Americans won't rape. They're just...

7:40 PM, September 27, 2006  

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