Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The People of the Lie

Left image: Bill Clinton indignantly proclaiming his innocence while lying.
Right image: Bill Clinton indignantly proclaiming his innocence while lying.

Dick Morris said this about the FOX interview where Clinton vigorously defended his record with a number of false claims: "There he was on live television, the man those who have worked for him have come to know – the angry, sarcastic, snarling, self-righteous, bombastic bully, roused to a fever pitch. The truer the accusation, the greater the feigned indignation. "

Former CIA head Michael Scheuer: "the former president seems to be able to deny facts with impugnity. Bin Laden is alive today because Mr. Clinton, Mr. Sandy Berger, and Mr. Richard Clarke refused to kill him. That's the bottom line......the fact of the matter is that the Bush Administration had one chance that they botched, and the Clinton Administration had eight to ten chances that they refused to try."

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Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

This is the article that I did not want to write. First of all, Bill Clinton is obsessed with himself and I think he needs a good ignoring. The constant bashing of Clinton keeps him in the spotlight, which he craves like a drug. The worst thing we could do to him is to get on with our lives and make him irrelevant. Its not good for us either. We need to move on.

Bill Clinton is a liar, and a good one. He can lie while projecting utter confidence and conviction that he is in the right. That is called delusion. But he is not alone in his delusion. He could only get this far with a number of enablers.

These enablers fall into two groups, the deluded and the dispassionate. The first group are those who deliberately choose, like Clinton himself, to accept the lie that Bill Clinton is an honorable man. He's not. But some people want to believe he is for various reasons. Most of it is because they have bought into some other lie which a respectable Clinton gives a veneer of respectablilty. Abortion is a good example of this.

These people are deluded. Some of them simply are not paying attention, but a good number won't accept the truth about Bill Clinton because they don't WANT the truth. They are not interested in the truth.

These people don't want a leader better than them because that implies that they might need to behave better. They want a leader who is flawed, because they love and embrace their own flaws, which they repackage as virtues. They don't love Bill Clinton in spite of his dishonesty to his wife and to us, but because of it.

There is nothing you can do about this group of enablers. They want to be lied to and will only become angry with you if you try to tell them the truth. I don't just mean about Clinton, but about a number of subjects relating to God's standards for human behavior.

The second group of enablers are the dispassionate. They are those who, rather than defend the Culture of the Lie simply shrug it off. "They all do it" they say as an excuse not to feel offense when they ought. I don't think they all do it, and if they do, we should feel offended every time. These people shold pray that God gives them a sensitive heart. They know what is right and wrong, they need only to embrace the one and be repelled by the other.

The self-deluded People of the Lie are on a Superhighway to Hell of their own making. I can only hope that we are not sucked down with them. The dispassionate take note: the sum total effect of believing lies can harm us all. If you can't care about the truth for its own sake, care for what can happen to you if your countrymen reject moral reality.

1:10 PM, September 26, 2006  
Anonymous John Anderson said...

I couldnt agree with you more !

9:06 PM, September 26, 2006  

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