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DeLay: McDaniel Bought and Paid for By Utilities

Even the Arkansas Times blog is taking Gunner DeLay's side on this one. Maybe because it is the truth? The Attorney General is charged with regulating utilities. Ours have made some decisions that have hurt Arkansas consumers but kept Entergy in the money. The foxes are funding the campaign of one of the candidates to guard the hen house. If you are tired of sky-rocketing utility bills, I suggest you not vote for the candidate who gets his campaign contributions from the utility companies.

(click THURSDAY below to read the DeLay Campaign's press release and the non-response from the McDaniel campaign.)


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Utility Dollars flow to McDaniel; DeLay says Utility Money creates Conflict of Interest

Little Rock, AR- Today, Gunner DeLay, republican candidate for attorney general, stated there was a clear contrast between himself and his opponent concerning the funding of their respective campaigns. DeLay pointed out that early in his campaign he pledged that he would not accept utility money to fund his campaign and further pledged that as attorney general he would work to pass a law that would restrict utility contributions to candidates for the office of attorney general.

“The reason I have chosen not to accept utility money as a candidate for this office boils down to one word; ethics. The rules of professional conduct that govern attorneys in the private practice of law make it unethical for an attorney to receive compensation from an opposing party. Since Arkansas law makes it clear that there is supposed to be an adversarial relationship between the attorney general’s office and regulated utilities, accepting contributions from public utilities creates an inherent conflict of interest.”

DeLay pointed out that A.C.A. 23-4-302(a) (3) provides that, “The people of Arkansas need aggressive and effective representation in utility rate hearings and other utility related proceedings”. DeLay stated that the rate payers of this state have not received the aggressive representation they deserve for many years because utility companies have invested so much money in the attorney general candidates. He pointed out that the trend has continued with his opponent Dustin McDaniel.

Contributions to McDaniel’s campaign from regulated utilities and their lobbyist include:

ENPAC (Entergy’s PAC) $2000.00 8/1/06

Tom Kennedy Entergy VP $1000.00 8/1/06

Hugh McDonald Entergy Pres. $1000.00 8/1/06

Steven Strickland Entergy attorney $250.00 8/1/06

Bob Neissi AOG director $250.00 8/30/06

Southwest Energy Co PAC $1000.00 8/30/06

Eddie Drilling Pres. AT&T Ark. $500.00 8/10/06

CenturyTel $1000.00 2/20/06, 8/03/06

CenterPoint Energy PAC $500.00 2/28/06

Rural Ark. TelCom PAC $1000.00 7/20/06

South Arkansas Telephone $2000.00 1/27/06

Ark. Telecommunications PAC $500.00 5/15/06

American Electric Power PAC $1500.00 7/28/06

Ron Fuller Entergy lobbyist $1000.00 6/24/06

Fuller Enterprises Entergy lobbyist $1000.00 5/25/06

Prairie Grove Telephone Co. $500.00 7/20/06

In closing DeLay stated “It is obvious that my opponent is trying to sell the office of attorney general to those interests he is required to oppose. The amount of utility money flowing to my opponent ought to concern every rate payer in this state because their money comes with expectations that their interests are going to be protected. I can assure the voters that a vote for Dustin McDaniel is a vote for higher utility rates. I am committed to returning this office back to the hard working people and families of Arkansas.”

7:07 PM, October 05, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Now for McDaniel's release, which even the Ark Times called a "non-response" response...


State Representative and nominee for Attorney General, Dustin McDaniel responded to another false, negative attack from Gunner DeLay today that seeks to impugn McDaniel’s integrity.

“Gunner DeLay’s campaign sinks into deeper mud and desperation by the day. I’ll be an Attorney General focused on keeping families safe and consumers protected,” said McDaniel.
“I am committed to keeping utility and gas prices as low as possible, to protecting Arkansans from identity theft, and to making sure our communities are safe,” added McDaniel.

With regard to Mr. DeLay’s latest attack on Rep. McDaniel, DeLay once again demonstrates himself to be nothing more than a bomb-thrower.
“The polls show that these desperate attacks aren’t working for him,” said Melissa Moody, McDaniel’s campaign manager. “I don’t know why he keeps trying to use such negative campaign tactics.”

“Mr. DeLay brags about this commitment to not take utility money, at the same time he is privately seeking their support,” said Moody. Attached is a campaign solicitation letter Mr. DeLay sent to the Action Committee for Rural Electrification, which is an organization with 18 members that are all regulated by the Arkansas Public Service Commission. “This solicitation proves that his promise didn’t mean much to him,” said Moody.

It is also curious that Mr. DeLay would even broach the subject of ethics. During his time in the legislature, Mr. DeLay has a long history of betraying his constituents’ trust and using his elected position to line his own pockets.

In 1995, DeLay voted against prohibiting state legislators from voting on matters in which they have a financial interest. Ironically, he was a sponsor of this legislation.

DeLay, a workers’ compensation attorney, used his office to feather his own nest in 2001, when he advocated for legislation to increase attorney fees in workers’ compensation cases, including SB439, a bill to double the percentage of a workers’ compensation claim that lawyers keep as their fee. “He is a workers’ comp lawyer who filed bills that would make himself money. He has no business lecturing Dustin McDaniel on ethics,” said Moody.

Arkansans have a clear contrast in their choice for Attorney General. Someone like Dustin McDaniel, who has been a law enforcement official and a legislator focused on protecting consumers – or someone like Gunner DeLay who has been in contempt of court, owed thousands in back taxes, used his position to enhance himself financially, and lobbied for a firm charged with Medicaid fraud.

7:08 PM, October 05, 2006  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

To show you that even the liberals on the Arktimes site know what is going on here, I will paste the comments from their thread on this topic....

What a refreshing change to have a race based on an issue we citizens have to face every month.

Utility Rates are a double wammy. Not only does he Utility Rate goe up, the Tax amount when the rates increase does as well.

Come on Dustin, pick a master to serve. Utility or Consumers? Serving two masters serves neither.

Posted by: R4L [TypeKey Profile Page] | October 5, 2006 10:07 AM

An issue like this - getting $15,000 grand from those you are to regulate will cause me to vote for "anybody but".

This may be the only Repub I vote for.

This is a red flag just like Huckabuck getting "gifts".


Posted by: Citizen1 [TypeKey Profile Page] | October 5, 2006 10:19 AM

I agree with the previous two cementers. Even if he gives them money back though we should be wary of an attorney general candidate who looks to the utilities for support his campaign. Giving the money back only means that you got caught.

Posted by: Brett [TypeKey Profile Page] | October 5, 2006 10:47 AM

I agree with the previous two cementers. Even if he gives them money back though we should be wary of an attorney general candidate who looks to the utilities for support his campaign. Giving the money back only means that you got caught.

Posted by: Brett [TypeKey Profile Page] | October 5, 2006 10:48 AM

It is encouraging to see that your topics occasionally pick on the other side - kind of fair and kind of balanced I guess.

I am sure someone will comment that this is because the left is so squeaky clean that these things just don't happen. Uh huh.

Posted by: Don Keyhotay [TypeKey Profile Page] | October 5, 2006 11:37 AM

No, Don, the left is not squeaky clean. That is why we liberals must remain ever vigilant, tracking the actions of Democrats as closely as we track those of Republicans. I expect the Arkansas Times will continue to bring to our attention every violation of public trust (or the appearance of such) after the Democrats are swept into office.

Posted by: Pavel [TypeKey Profile Page] | October 5, 2006 11:52 AM

Dustin, please give back the money or provide an explanation for why you won't. And by explanation I don't mean one of the pithy remarks that your campaign or Jason WIllett usually issue.

Posted by: holycow [TypeKey Profile Page] | October 5, 2006 12:11 PM

Speaking of comments or press releases, why is it that McDaniel's campaign manager speaks for him so much? Is he not able to answer for himself?

Posted by: Brett [TypeKey Profile Page] | October 5, 2006 12:16 PM

Get real. This is just a desperate smear effort from Delay. If a candidate for AG shouldn't take contributions from anyone who might be affected by a future AG opinion, then pray tell, who could possibly contribute? Those opinions potentially affect everyone. And it's the PSC that regulates utilities, not the AG's office. Delay has taken contributions from a Murphy Oil exec... is that any different. Or what about Delay's contributions from real estate developers? You don't think they care how the AG comes down on TIFs? Delay is the pot calling the kettle black. And BTW, Gunner, why aren't your July and August campaign reports available online? Handling those like you handled your speeding ticket?

Posted by: PVNasby [TypeKey Profile Page] | October 5, 2006 01:27 PM

"Speaking of comments or press releases, why is it that McDaniel's campaign manager speaks for him so much? Is he not able to answer for himself?"

That is because Melissa Moody is soooo smart!

Posted by: Dome Rat [TypeKey Profile Page] | October 5, 2006 02:50 PM

So the response from McDaniel isn't even his words? Reads like the responder is Moody.

Opens with Lies and Dirty Tricks but doesnt address the issue. And the double speak "I am committed to keeping utility and gas prices as low as possible,". Key words in that statement is "as possible". But who will be able to whisper in your ear what defines "as possible"? Utilities or Citizens?

Moody (aka McDaniel), answer these questions fully......

Did you take money from Utilities? and or their executives?

Did you vote on SB439 or its House Version during your tenure? If so what vote did you cast? If not, did you introduce legislation to correct this double dipping?

Posted by: R4L [TypeKey Profile Page] | October 5, 2006 05:53 PM

The money must be returned in order for ethics to be maintained. The Attorney General's office isn't soley about crime and wearing a police officer's uniform from a few years ago isn't going to change that fact.

Arkansans deserve an AG with better ethics than Dustin as well as someone who won't have to run to the Democratic Headquarters to get permission from Jason Willet each time he has to use the restroom! This is one race in which I will go red.

7:09 PM, October 05, 2006  

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