Monday, October 09, 2006

Higher Ed System Out of Control

The Presidents of Arkansas' various state colleges and universities seem to think of themselves as kingdoms of their own, unaccountable to the state or the taxpayers from which they draw their sustenanace. UPDATE: ARKFAM REPORTS EVEN FEDERAL LAW IS BEING VIOLATED BY UCA's Lu Hardin.

We have already documented on this blog how UCA President Lu Hardin has bragged about giving in-state tuition breaks to persons in this country illegally, in spite of the fact that the legislature just voted AGAINST authorizing them to do so. And the UALR President went further, saying that certain taxpayer funded grants will be distributed without regard to legal status.

Now even two year colleges show they can thumb their nose at the state government and the taxpayers. WestArk has decided, on its own accord, that is wants to become a four year college. State Senator Dave Bisbee points out that this is unconstitutional, but apparently these college Presidents feel there is "no controlling legal authority" for them.

Such arrogance is unseemly from a group of men who are asking us for more funds, including a 250 million dollar bond issue on the ballot this November. I ask you to remember that when you go to the ballot box.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the bond issue:

I agree that it is a terrible idea to invest in education. Kids in those classrooms are learning ridiculous things like history and biology. Not one of those hippie-liberal professors teaches creation as the unchallengeable, for-sure, no holes truth that it is. The campuses are overrun with homos and people with piercings. Vote down the bond proposal. If we don't band together as a people to defeat higher education, we run the risk of having better jobs, which would lessen the dependence on fear. Those self-righteous college folk should realize that we here in Arkansas don't want teachers teaching our kids, and we darn sure ain't gonna pay for it.

2:56 PM, October 10, 2006  

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