Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Getting In Your Pockets for Illegals

This Demo-zette report started out with a warm story about how a second grader learned how to behave in class with the help of government mental health professionals.

It ended with a push to get in your pockets to hire more of them, especially for "immigrants".

From the article : "Northwest Arkansas’ immigrant children are particularly at risk of developing emotional problems at a young age, he said.

“There are going to be a significant number of those kids who are going to have school adjustment problems just from the migration, the new setting, the new cultures,” Gershon said.

Part of the purpose of the conference was to draw public attention to the importance of early childhood intervention programs and the need for new funding."

I am sure it is upsetting for a child to be in the situation of sneaking through the border and living in a household that is always in fear of being caught. Parent should not do it to their children. Chasing that almighty buck by any means, legal or illegal, can cause mental health problems.

I am not sympathetic towards any group of illegals, but the ones who bring little kids here, and put them through that, really get me upset. You may argue that they would be poorer in Mexico. Yeah, but little kids don't know or care about that. That comes later. They need love, security, and stability when they are young. I have seen lot's of poor children that were happy.

I suppose my parents would have had more money if they had dealt drugs or robbed banks, but the environment produced of those choices would have been worse for me than having less money.

Illegals: Go back to your home country, for the children.


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