Friday, October 06, 2006

You Will Never See the Money with Beebe/Halter

There is over $700 million of our money sitting in the state treasury unspent. One of the biggest issues in this race is who is going to get that money. Not just that money. Our taxes are so high that they take in more than they are spending, but not more than they would LIKE to spend.

There are lots of groups lined up with their hands out asking for our money. All four men, Hutchinson, Holt, Beebe and Halter, say they are for eliminating the retail sales tax on groceries. That would be a great way to make sure we get a healthy chunk of that money back. But wait, two of those four, Beebe and Halter, say they want to "phase in" the elimination of the grocery tax, "if funding permits it". Folks, if you vote for those men I want to tell you right now you will never see your money again. Let's looks at the facts.

Halter has no record in the legislature, but he has been promising lots of new programs to lots of people. The Holt team has calculated Halter's proposed new spending will add one billion dollars to every budget. For perspective, a three percent sales tax increase would draw about that amount in a year. Halter says he can give all teachers a $5,000 a year increase in salary, provide quality pre-school to every three and four year old whose parents want it, and provide scholarship money for every person who wants to go to college. But don't worry, he is going to "phase in" your tax cut "when conditions permit".

Mike Beebe has been more subtle about promising huge new programs, but unlike Halter the man has a record. It is one of tax increases rather than tax cuts. He owes favors to some of the people in that line with their hand out.

Holt and Hutchinson, by contrast, have a legislative record of voting against spending and for tax cuts. Holt in particular has made a lot of the people in that line mad by trying to swat their hands away as they reach for your wallet.

My conclusion is that if you elect Beebe/Halter there will be a special interest feeding frenzy. At the end your $700 million will be gone and you won't see a dime of it. The only way we will have a chance to see any of that money again is with Hutchinson/Holt.


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