Thursday, November 30, 2006

Now That's News: Brummett Gets It Right On Courts

As I read the latest John Brummett column, something I normally do to help raise my blood pressure, I read something that hit me with the impact of a waffle iron to the groin. Brummett and I both fear judicial over-reach on Lakeview! Here is what he said in this column:

"As the right-winger in the group, I came out four-square for separation of powers and asserted that there is no separation if the judicial branch presumes to maintain ongoing monitoring of the legislative branch. Courts have power to rule on cases, but the responsibility then to close them. Closed means closed.

This idea that the Supreme Court needs to maintain open-ended jurisdiction to make sure each new legislative session maintains appropriate pace on progress is fatally flawed. .....Are we prepared to make Lake View the eternal lawsuit? People tend to resent the courts. Judges don't need to give people good reason

As soon as I regained consciousness I realized that the tide is turning. Even a liberal like Brummett- most of the six legislators he lauded on education were among the ones who have blown it for years, spending billions with no discernable improvement- realizes that the courts should are not supposed to be in charge of the legislature. He is still confused because he thinks secular ideas like the ones held by some of these folks are the answer, but at least he wants it done legislatively.

Many secularists seek to impose through the courts an agenda they cannot win at the ballot box. They have no regard for niceties like the rule of law, separation of powers, original intent, self-government, or the will of the people. They are only interested in imposting their elitist claptrap on the rest of us, figuring they can then use the law as a hammer to pound us sheep into compliance. In the long run, that idea is a loser from people who can't win the intellectual debate.

When everyone from me to Brummett knows it is time to clamp down on the judiciary, it is time to clamp down on the judiciary. I say again for possible penetration: the ledge should refer an amendment to the people which plainly says that they, not the courts, are the ones to determine funding levels for education and anything else. Time was we all knew that and it did not have to be spelled out. If the ledge does not have a showdown with the courts now they will push again later. Once the regular session is over they cannot refer an amendment. They will have this option closed to them for two years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And isn't it truly disgusting and pathetic that the "reigning in" of the courts will be done by the democrats, the party who invented modern judicial activism. Our beloved governor (who I voted for) rolled over and acted as if the judicial branch reigned supreme.

It's not wonder the R's are in such bad shape in AR. We have no leadership. We could wind up being in the wilderness for a looooooooong time. But until there is true conservative leadership in the R party that's where the R party belongs.

4:45 PM, November 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

amen. they did not trust the huckster to stick with them and not paint the ledge as the bad guys. maybe now the two branches will act together to slap down the judges.

6:41 PM, November 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

like an out-of-work former teacher who got fired by Jim Holt has any credibility commenting on the media. ha!

May the Lord have mercy on your poor, pathetic soul, Mr. Moore.

10:58 PM, November 30, 2006  

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