Friday, November 03, 2006

Quid Pro Quo?

It looks like Mike Beebe has dumped $230,000 into the Democratic party of Arkansas, who is running commercials on behalf of Lt. Governor candidate Bill Halter. Halter intially challenged Beebe in the Democratic primary for Governor, but later switched races. Halter then won the nomination from four other Democrats in the field. Speculation is rife that this was a payback for switching races. In addition, it's illegal. A candidate can't give over 2K to the party until an election is over. Here is the code...

§ 7-6-203. Contributions - Limitations - Acceptance or solicitation - Use as personal income - Disposition.

(h)(1) Within thirty (30) days following the end of the month in which the general election is held, a candidate shall turn over surplus campaign funds to either:
(A) The Treasurer of State for the benefit of the General Revenue Fund Account of the State Apportionment Fund;
(B) An organized political party as defined in § 7-1-101 or a political party caucus of the General Assembly, the Senate, or the House of Representatives;
(C) A nonprofit organization which is exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; or
(D) The contributors to the candidate's campaign.
(2)(A) If an unopposed candidate agrees not to solicit further campaign contributions by filing an affidavit declaring such an agreement, the candidate may dispose of any surplus campaign funds prior to a general election as soon as the time has passed to declare an intent to be a write-in candidate pursuant to § 7-5-205.


Warning: It can be dangerous to hold your breath waiting for the establishment media to report a story on Democratic lawbreaking. All available air time must be filled with continuing Mark Foley and now Ted Haggard coverage!


Blogger Valerie said...

Videos now available on YouTube from Fayetteville press conference.
Jim Lagrone
Asa Hutchinson

4:27 PM, November 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great press conference! You corrupt Dems are going down next Tuesday!!! Good riddance!

8:44 PM, November 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello pot? This is kettle. You're black! Most politicians are just so happens most of them are in the GOP.

7:52 AM, November 04, 2006  

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