Thursday, November 30, 2006

"This will be a Part of Mexico"

We have found the real location, at least for now, of the ever illusive Mexican Consulate in Little Rock. It will be in a beige brick house across 36th street behind a strip mall that contains a Bank of America branch. Being close to the bank is quite handy, all the better to get a "Consular" ID card from the embassy, and quickly wire back earnings to the mother country. Why waste it on the local economy like legal workers would do? No sense helping all those thieving Norteamericanos.

And why is it taking so long? Well, the current Counsular, a Mr. Chao, explains in a Demo-zette Article by Daniel Nasaw: The Mexican government is renting the new building, and Chao said the owners were unfamiliar with the legal processes involved in contracting with a foreign government. The Mexican office is the first foreign consulate in the state, and Chao said attorneys spent six weeks hammering out the agreement.

“It’s a little difficult to understand that the consulate is going to be part of Mexico,” Chao said. “We wasted a lot of time trying to put together, in the same communication channels, the lawyers for the owner and the lawyers for the foreign ministry of Mexico.”

Got that? It is a part of Mexico, so don't you little twerp Arkansans even THINK about trying to enforce any of your laws there!

Until they move in, Nasaw reports that the Mexican government has been sponging off your dime in an insider deal that would have gotten Governor Mike Huckabee and Director Trevino arrested if they had done such a thing with a private business.

Well, OK, Nasaw didn't quite put it that way. He said,"Last July, Mexican officials moved into a small vacant office in a Little Rock building used by Arkansas Rehabilitation Services. The chief of that agency, Robert Trevino, had been Huckabee’s economic development adviser and point man on the consulate project. The space was to be unoccupied until November, and Trevino offered it after discussions with Chao’s assistant, Jorge Campos.

The Arkansas Building Authority, which handles leases for state agencies, valued the office space at $572 per month. The consulate signed an agreement with Trevino to pay $1 a year."

Mexico has long abused the issuance of Consular ID cards, because they do not require a passport to show you entered the county legally in order to get one. Chao said Mexicans seeking consular ID cards must produce their Mexican birth certificate and other original identification from Mexico, but I did some research and happen to know that is not true. Mexican consulates hand these things out like candy to anyone who they have reason to believe is a Mexican citizen, with or without the proper ID.


Blogger Harvey Edwards said...

As a mixed person of Native American decent, I take exception to the illegals trying to lay claim to this Country. As blackfoot and cherokee... and Irish, I have enough fight in me to speak my mind. This illegal border jumper problem will be terminated within a decisive and clear resolve. We dont want them in Arkansas. If any of them would like my address, please ask.

10:39 PM, December 08, 2006  

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