Saturday, January 27, 2007

Crossbow Killer Out on the Street; Wayne Fincher Still Behind Bars

Justin Trammel is free today, out on bond awaiting trial for threatening his girlfriend and mother of his child. The woman alleges Trammel told her that if she did not come to California with him he would wait until she was asleep, then put a gun in her mouth and pull the trigger.

At age 15 Trammel murdered his father with a crossbow. He was recently arrested in the company of Mitchell Johnson, one of the shooters in the Jonesboro slayings. Trammel was hardly a model prisoner during his short incarceration- he was reportedly involved in a fight while in jail. Nevertheless, this man is out on the street breathing the free air on $25,000 bond.

Not so Hollis Wayne Fincher. Fincher was arrested for possessing a machine gun without a permit. Not that he ever hurt or threatened to hurt anyone with it. He lived 60 years without any criminal record. His only crime was in testing to see if our 2nd amendment rights still meant anything. It turns out they don't. Judge Jim Hendren refused to let Fincher use any of the constitutional defenses that could have set him free, and so he was convicted by a jury that was allowed to hear no defense whatsoever.

During this time, Judge Hendren set Fincher's bond at $250,000. Ten times the amount of the Crossbow Killer. Not only that, he required Fincher to put up his family farm as collateral in a complicated deal with the government that may have allowed the feds to take the farm. Wayne Fincher stayed behind bars then, and he is behind bars now. You can feel safe and secure that Wayne Fincher is no longer possessing a machine gun without a permit from the Federal government. You are protected from the man who never hurt anyone in 60 years of honest living, but keeping men like Trammel locked up does not seem to be as big a priority for our justice system.

The Bible says to honor rulers and those in authority. That is what we intend to do, even when it is difficult. We want to respect those who run our judicial system, but they sure do make it hard sometimes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the judge named Kim Hendren or did you make a mistake? I thought Kim was the state senator. Not that it makes much difference, they all are part of the same corruption that destroyed the republican party in Arkansas.

11:26 AM, January 27, 2007  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Right you are. Will make the change.

11:36 AM, January 27, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Proof that the time has come to just stockpile your arms in secret stashes, it is no longer prudent to fight this war on the judicial battlefield. If you have weapons like this, tell no one. The time is coming that you will need them.

3:50 PM, January 28, 2007  

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