Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Strange Irony Part One

Left: Spectre "President not the only decider". Right: Pat Toomey, former Congressman and Club for Growth President.

It seems to be a week of irony politically, both state and nationally. Senator Arlen Specter, the pro-abortion Republican from Pennslyvania, told President Bush this week that he is "not the only decider" in Iraq. Bush is down, and Spectre just delivered a stout kick. Maybe somebody needed to say it, but Spectre is an odd choice. Two years ago, Spectre was in the primary battle of his career against a pro-life conservative congressman named Pat Toomey. Toomey was also strong on economic issues- he is currently president of the "Club for Growth".

President Bush, the White House, and the Republican party, all jumped in with both feet in the Republican primary to save the pro-abortion liberal Spectre and block the pro-life conservative Toomey. Bush even went so far as to make a phone message that was "robo-called" to Penn. Republican voters. It was enough for Spectre to eek out a 1.7 percent margin of victory.

How ironic it is that Spectre repays Bush's treachery to the pro-life conservatives who elected him, by turning on the man (Bush) to whom he owes his current electoral victory. Who would have ever guessed that a man who thinks it is OK to kill innocent babies in the womb would be so ungrateful, hmmmmm?


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